Experience. Strength. Hope. (Hope for what?)

Experience. Strength. Hope. This week, I’m embracing the emotional rollercoaster. I’m not even thinking about the hangover (yet). At this exact moment, I’ve been having a tug of war with myself. Allow the emotions to run or stuff them into my safe place. I’m surrounded by survivors. fighters. well wishers. pure hearts. I can seeContinue reading “Experience. Strength. Hope. (Hope for what?)”

Where can I love myself just a bit more?

“Jess, you can push me away but I’m not going anywhere…” I’m bumbling through a side step. I’m doing the best I can. A few old habits are dying hard. And it’s the first time that I’m being called out, consistently… others are noticing that despite my efforts, my walls are coming up. My toleranceContinue reading “Where can I love myself just a bit more?”

Tuesday nights are sacred

TUESDAY NIGHTS ARE SACRED. It’s the ONE time of the week that I can be 100% unapologetic about feeling broken. I can admit when I gave up my power to a predator, willingly dove into a rabbit hole of nonsense, or chose ego over compassion. I do NOT handle boundary-crossing very kindly. So many boundariesContinue reading “Tuesday nights are sacred”

The Universe is cheeky & magical

What seeds are being watered? What truths are being accepted? What story am I telling myself today? Valid questions that deserve time for pause. Or time for action. But really, it’s a moment to reflect. I trust the Universe. I trust myself. I trust that things are far more magical than I give credit. I’mContinue reading “The Universe is cheeky & magical”

When Others Test Your Boundaries. Breathe.

With the energy of the full moon, a handful of people have been surfacing and exposing their truth. For the most part, I’m surrounded by healthy people. Health being defined as being emotionally mature, spiritually responsible and above all, just a decent human being that respects my boundaries. As the wave continues, I’m feeling superContinue reading “When Others Test Your Boundaries. Breathe.”

Get it girl. Get.it.girl.

I am all over the place in terms of growth. It feels like everything is in overdrive. The more I stay detached to all external ‘things’, the more ‘ah-ha’ moments that seem to present themselves… I just completed a week with some of the most energetic people I’ve EVER met! If endorphins could be bottled,Continue reading “Get it girl. Get.it.girl.”

Recalibrate and DEFINE a new normal.

*I’ve been writing whilst off-grid. Amature move is putting the words in an email rather than a word document. Autosave apparently didn’t work. It’s a shame as I had some pretty good flows. Keeping tabs on my emotional processing as I move through this road trip has been a priority. The Universe obviously wants toContinue reading “Recalibrate and DEFINE a new normal.”

Sometimes the solution is a ROADTRIP

I’m on another road trip! I love the hustle of the city. I loveeeeeee the open roads. For me, city life is still playing by the rules of ‘normal social constructs’. Deviating from these rules is not always received well… Sometimes I need to shrink myself to ‘fit in’. My magic is sometimes resisted… mostlyContinue reading “Sometimes the solution is a ROADTRIP”

Unrequited love. Planting roots. Building bookcases.

“Jess, this is for when you move back to the USA and get your own place.” I’m entering a new chapter and this is the thought that keeps creeping into my mind. During the moments of quiet, the voice of my mommabear comes in. And just like that, I’m offered an opportunity to stuff theContinue reading “Unrequited love. Planting roots. Building bookcases.”

You Are Always in My Heart

Hey Jess! Heck ya! It’s time to pause and celebrate! It’s been a massive month! Housing has been a hot mess but that’s only because you believed in the potential of others. Now that you are accepting people for who/what they are, things are getting more stable. It’s not an easy truth as everyone is imperfect.Continue reading “You Are Always in My Heart”