We leverage experience & knowledge to create the best programme to support your personal journey.

20+ years of athletic achievements. 20+ years of food as fuel. 10+ years of corporate life. 10+ years of food as medicine. 30+ years of love.


If a healthy lifestyle has been a pain point in your world, look no further. Jessica teaches fitness classes geared towards the ‘busy’ executive. All formats are NO EQUIPMENT so there is NO EXCUSE. Her motto is Build. Bond. Crush Goals.


Jessica specialises in reverse engineering. Tell her your goal and she will help you get there. Most clients seek help in non-tangible goals related to stress reduction, energy management, & spiritual alignment.


Life is beautiful because of the people and places we visit around the world. If your company (or community) is in need of shake up, book a workshop with Jessica. Current programme: CULTIVATE A WARRIOR MINDSET.

To know Jess is to know how passionate she is about things that are important to her, and helping people tap into naturally improved versions of themselves to enhance performance is REALLY important to her! She has killer instincts in sharing simple solutions for your health! With her support, I have been able to maintain focus on launching another business whilst trusting the process and her guidance! Jess offers individualized nutrition plans (and goes above with teaching you WHY, not just HOW). Plus, she’s an Ironman athlete who has boundless energy! Learning how to balance my body and tap into my natural energy has been very useful. Strap yourself in, because she WILL see it through!

Miguel P.

Are you ready to cultivate a Warrior Mindset?