Jessica M. Corvo

Resilience Expert | Life Coach

Most of my life has been singing praises of those closest to me. I sometimes pause when I have the opportunity to talk about myself. What do I want to share? What’s relevant? Why tell you when I would much rather show you?

Hi, I’m Jessica Corvo. I spent 15 years making money for other people, climbing international corporate ladders and doing what I was told. I was born in the USA and lived in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, & Indonesia. My mother is Chinese. My father is Italian. My sense of worth was quantified through achieving. My life was in the fast lane. Oftentimes I was so fixated on the finish line, I forgot how to enjoy the present moment. I’m also a survivor of trauma, specifically gun violence.

Fast forward to 2021, each part of my world is related to HEALTH & WELLNESS and is filled with JOY! ! Do you know the stillness just before the world wakes up? Have you heard the stretching of the birds or the squeaky breaks of garbage trucks passing by? Have you ever been present when someone realises they ARE capable of achieving their goal? (protip: their face lights up and their eyes sparkle). Do you think of gusts of wind as a giant hug from your guardian angels? Have you ever had the opportunity to witness a performance of leaves dancing to the whistling of the wind?

Life is filled with magical moments. My midlife crisis is dedicated to doing more purpose driven work. We help others cultivate the same WARRIOR MINDSET it takes to live a life less ordinary. A life of EXTRAORDINARY moments! We support others on a journey of a lifetime.

Individual. Corporate. Communities. We have something for everyone!

Is it ridiculous to want to be the master of your Universe?