Jessica Corvo is a certified group fitness instructor and holds licenses in 6 formats. Jessica specializes in body resistance. The best part? No equipment = No excuses! These workouts are ideal for in-person and virtual settings. Jessica was a competitive collegiate sprinter, on championship dragonboat teams, and completed Ironman triathlon in 12 hours! Jessica’s ability to teach body awareness is largely based on 11 years she spent living and working in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, & Indonesia. Her previous career was within commodities trading & finance companies. Jess will meet you where you are and help you level up your health! Her goal is to have fun while helping you increase mental focus & emotional balance.

We Build. We Bond. We Crush Goals.

Strength & Conditioning

What to expect: the party starts with a breathing exercise, warm up, quality workout, and cool down. Throughout the session, Jess will correct form, offer Warrior tips to increase body awareness, and have fun! After the cooldown, a few minutes will be reserved to answer questions. Are you ready to rock & roll? All fitness levels welcomed! #StrongerTogether


Fitness starts with the core. If you are struggling with chronic injuries, back pain, or simply want to learn how to hold a plank for 5 minutes, join this class! We focus on strengthening the core and work on specific muscle groups in a circuit format. We might not break a sweat BUT our muscles WILL scream! This class is low impact floor work and will have you feeling like a Champion!


I absolutely LOVE teaching Zumba classes. The reason is simple: Every class has explosive energy, a great workout, PLUS, Zumba attracts the BEST PEOPLE!! I believe it’s important to meet people were they are on their fitness journey. I am licensed to teach all ages (0-4, 4-6, 7-11, adults, 55+, differently abled). I guarantee you will have a blast! Let’s dance through the BIG moments, together!

I started doing Jess’ classes before the pandemic. When we were forced to start working from home, Jess quickly moved to offer her classes virtually. For the past 17 weeks, I’ve regularly attended her HIIT and core strength classes. These classes have helped me maintain a consistent workout schedule and continue to challenge me to build strength while the gyms are closed. Jess goes the extra mile to support her “warriors”. She has frequently worked with me after class to help correct my form and is always open to feedback to make the classes better. She also sends out a fun, inspirational newsletter with healthy tips. Jess’ classes have provided me stability and encouragement to maintain a healthy lifestyle during these uncertain times.

Nate L (USA)

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