Jessica Corvo is a classic overachiever. Part of this stems from a distrust in most conventional systems. True story, her Ironman nutrition plan was based on sweet potatoes, oatmeal, peanut butter, and eggs. Moving back to the USA, she realised how most of the food is void of nutrients. If Isagenix passed her test, we are sure you will LOVE the products!

You ARE what you eat!

1st half of this video discusses HOW to evaluate food, poop, nutrition, and addiction.

Living in various places around the world gives you an appreciation for healthy food. Despite honourable efforts, sometimes we simply do not get a sufficient amount of nutrients into our system. Are you conscious of what you put into your body?

Food is FUEL

How do you fuel your body? Are you consuming enough minerals and vitamins? If you are unsure of what a properly fueled body feels like, try out Isagenix! Once you fall in LOVE with the products, I would be delighted to show you how to get paid to empower others!

Food is LOVE

If food is a way to express love, then you have come to the right place! We love food. We love to share food… And we love to eat the rainbow! Most of our meals use less than 5 ingredients!


For centuries, people have boosted their health with gifts from the Earth. Shifting consumption habits from overly processed foods to more natural foods can improve your health in profound ways. The trick is to understand the quality of the natural foods. What does organic actually mean? How can you validate claims? How does something make your body feel? Are you intune with your body to feel nuances of various nutrients? Let’s chat! I can help increase your awareness and improve your relationship with nutrition!

“I was intimidated to ask Jess for help. I was struggling with my weight, had zero energy to cook, and working 2 jobs. I never thought eating right was a form of Self-Care. Jess promotes food as a way to honour and celebrate our body. This sentence was a game-changer for me. I started viewing food differently. Rather than punish myself, I started taking care of myself. Jess makes life seem easy because it IS easy. Jess teaches you everything you need to know to fit your lifestyle. Meal prep. Meal substitutes. Nature’s Candy. Jess taught me if you prioritise your health, the other parts of life become much easier. She makes learning fun, too. Anything IS possible with Jess.

Mary P. (USA)

Life is about balance. Sometimes you have time to prepare a feast and other times you require nutrition on the go.