Dear Heart, Thank you for being you!

Dear Heart,

Thank you for being so strong. This rewiring process has been filled with some intense challenges. I know that you get scared but I hope you know how proud I am of you. There is tremendous beauty in this entire healing process.

For years, you were punished for speaking up. For years when certain people found your happiness, they tried to destroy it. For years, you learned to live a life by protecting and purifying.

You fiercely protected things (and people) that were in your heart. Without hesitation, you did things to ensure that your love or loyalty were never to be questioned. Your focus has always been on others and how they felt. You knew the pain in betrayal and made special efforts that people in your world never experienced this feeling. People in your heart were always in good company and protected. This was important for you.

You also spent a great deal of time purifying. When people harmed you with their darkness, you justified their behaviour as simply being a bad day. You gave allowances because you believed in humanity. You convinced yourself of magic when sometimes magic didn’t exist. You hated to see people in pain so you did what you needed to do to continually build tolerance and resilience.

Now we are stepping into a new season. A season to celebrate and honour. You know this space well. You know how to celebrate others. You know how to honour their gifts. The challenge is to consistently celebrate and honour all the beautiful gifts that are within you. I know it’s scary. Celebrating has led to betrayal. Celebrating has also led to criticism (or misunderstanding). Honouring has led to setting (and maintaining) healthy boundaries. Honouring has also led to truth.

You are beautiful. From the inside out. You are one of the most beautiful things in the world. You embrace and radiate love on so many levels. You have the ability to find magic in others and now it’s time to celebrate and honour the magic within. A few months ago, in your eulogy, you mentioned that you wanted people to know the depth of your love. You wanted others to know the purity of your heart. It was heartbreaking to read these words because it meant that you viewed yourself through the lens of people trying to harm you. You were a bright light that was surrounded by darkness. You allowed the darkness of others into your space. You were expressing yourself rather than being yourself. There is nothing wrong with you. You are a bright light in so many ways.

It’s time to celebrate this light. It’s time to honour this light. It’s relishing in the simple things. Whether it’s a half watermelon and a spoon at the side of a lake, sprinkles on your hot chocolate or simply having the ability to connect with a kindred soul whilst watching the world turn. It’s the simple things. These things are openly celebrated but on limited occasions. It’s OK to be in Jess World. Consistently. The world needs more of Jess World. It’s time to celebrate and honour all the magical things that are in Jess World.

Thank you for stepping into this space. Thank you, heart, for being both strong and gentle. You’ve been strong for so long, it’s ok to let your guard down. Pull down the walls and just celebrate and honour. When people embrace, you found your tribe. When people condemn, you learn a new truth. Thank you, heart, for having so much grace. You are beautiful on so many levels. So.many.levels.

Sincerely yours,

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