Resilience: Helping you #BeYourOwnHero

Perspectives are SO important. Mine is very uncommon… I’m back to sharing my morning¬†rambles. Kind of… each time that I openly share my words (to me) it’s a personal declaration that I will not be silenced by people causing me harm. And sharing the pain in my world is my way of seeking truth andContinue reading “Resilience: Helping you #BeYourOwnHero”

Just.Hit.Publish – is it [really] worth the risk?

I’m a writer. I write. It makes me happy. Well, I wouldn’t say the writing itself makes me happy as much as knowing that others are able to read my words and heal their heart. Helping others is what makes me happy. Knowing that my current tool, writing, is how I am able to helpContinue reading “Just.Hit.Publish – is it [really] worth the risk?”

From ROCK to RAGING RIVER and back to ROCK

The last few weeks have been rather interesting. With a shift in the Universe and also a shift within. Lots of crazy things have been happening. It’s actually kind of funny to be honest… I pride myself on having outstanding crisis management skills. As long as others are having moments of complete duress, I’m ableContinue reading “From ROCK to RAGING RIVER and back to ROCK”

Explosive Reactions are a sign of unresolved pain

I have to keep reminding this to myself. I have to be mindful of when I’m getting explosive. Is it the person? The words? Or the deep seeded pain? 100% it’s the deep seeded pain. Up until last year, I would have explosive reactions when people made insensitive comments about my biological father. I wouldContinue reading “Explosive Reactions are a sign of unresolved pain”

Progress in my re-wiring: the acceptance of a familiar soul vs a kindred soul

So many thoughts swirling through my head and so many emotions tugging at my heartstrings. I wouldn’t say I’m conflicted. I’m growing. I’m pulling myself out of a cycle that I’m all too familiar with… I’m observing. A conversation with a kindred spirit (my favourite well wisher) reminded me of another subtlety. Most of theContinue reading “Progress in my re-wiring: the acceptance of a familiar soul vs a kindred soul”

The Power of The Universe is Within

Each person has the power of the Universe within them. Fundamentally, I know this to be true. There are moments where the Universe likes to play games and prove to me that this is a truth, not just a belief. But mostly, perhaps because of compounded trauma, I question this truth because I did notContinue reading “The Power of The Universe is Within”

The Magical Penis

Before you get excited, I’m going to start by saying this concept is not what you think. As someone that has kept my family dysfunction, my family abuse, my brokenness, VERY private, I have learned a few things about sharing my pain. I have been joking about this concept for a few days so thoughtContinue reading “The Magical Penis”

If my wounds were visible…

I stumbled across an article. It was a woman that shared some pretty traumatic abuse, in church, by her father. The sentence that caught my attention is one that I heard in my family… on many occasions, “Stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about!” Another favourite one-liner was, “I’m not yelling, doContinue reading “If my wounds were visible…”

Putting things in motion to share my message AND my magic

I only play to win. I only engage to grow. I only ask questions to understand. My head is all over the place at the moment. Part of me wants to publicly out someone that stepped into my lane. And part of me accepts that she didn’t step into my lane, I actually allowed herContinue reading “Putting things in motion to share my message AND my magic”

Mission accomplished: the conversation between my subconscious and conscious minds.

The shift finally happened… the final shift that is allowing me to let go. The shift that throws me from let go to peace. The most powerful shift of this entire journey… A shift that caused my conscious and subconscious to finally align. Connect. Heal. Dreams are a way in which your subconscious mind (soul)Continue reading “Mission accomplished: the conversation between my subconscious and conscious minds.”