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From ROCK to RAGING RIVER and back to ROCK

The last few weeks have been rather interesting. With a shift in the Universe and also a shift within. Lots of crazy things have been happening. It’s actually kind of funny to be honest… I pride myself on having outstanding crisis management skills. As… Continue Reading “From ROCK to RAGING RIVER and back to ROCK”

Tug of War for time.

Admitting there is a war is the first step in winning the war. Is it being fought on my territory? Who is the war between? Is it between me and others or is it a war within? Is it a war that requires time… Continue Reading “Tug of War for time.”

Maintaining Grace through Emotional Abuse

The biggest compliment other than THANK YOU for making me feel worthy …¬†are comments on my GRACE. Yes, grace. Most days, I honestly feel like a bull in a china shop. As a matter of fact, a few months ago, I was using the… Continue Reading “Maintaining Grace through Emotional Abuse”

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