Awareness Saved My Life

I’m a 30 something-year-old Chitalian-American that has spent the last decade living and working in Asia. I’m rarely without some sort of stretch goal. This current chapter is addressing 13 years of emotional & mental abuse from a family member. Mental wellness is close to my heart. I intentionally focus on the wellness rather than the illness because I want to empower people with things they can control. Most things in life are manageable because of my strong sense of self and constantly increasing awareness. Am I am bipolar (or are my emotions valid)? Do I have ADHD (or have I perfected the skill to use my energy in multiple projects at once)? Do I have deep seeded anger issues (or is it an intolerance to people trying to harm me)? Am I broken (or actively processing 13 years of abuse)? Depends whom you ask, the abuser (or me)? Awareness Before Change. If the intention is set to wellness, all the pieces in life can fit together nicely!

Here are some examples how focusing on my wellness has helped me achieve success.

Professionally, when I wanted to be indispensable, I targeted a Fortune 500 company and I worked backward. I acquired an entry-level position and created ways to add value until I earned a spot in the corporate headquarters in 2011. My last role covered 38 businesses across 140 locations around the world.

Spiritually, when I realized that I was living without a specific purpose, I worked on aligning my conscious and subconscious and worked backward. I explored various types of religion, meditation, and holistic healing methods. I felt most at home with Vipassana. I’ve been a practitioner since 2014.

Athletically, when I wanted to test the limits of my body, I signed up for Ironman and worked backward. I learned how to swim, I bought a bike, and I applied 20 years of running experience to multi-sport training. My first Ironman competition, I crushed my 2016 race with a finishing time of 12hrs18minutes.

Emotionally, when I realized that I was conflict avoidant, decided to acknowledge and process my pain. I removed all my coping methods and worked backward. I developed new tools. Writing became essential for deep healing and rebuilding my confidence.

My current goal: empower people with tools to protect their MENTAL WELLNESS (things they can control).

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