Slay the Dragon. Smell the Flowers.

My life is all about setting and crushing goals. And then every once in a while sharing that journey with the world. 🌱 Climbing international corporate ladders was a 6 year process. 🌱 Owning my own company was a 2 year process. 🌱 Ironman finish line was 1 year process. 🌱 Domestic violence (recovery)… I’m officially quantifying it asContinue reading “Slay the Dragon. Smell the Flowers.”

The Universe is cheeky & magical

What seeds are being watered? What truths are being accepted? What story am I telling myself today? Valid questions that deserve time for pause. Or time for action. But really, it’s a moment to reflect. I trust the Universe. I trust myself. I trust that things are far more magical than I give credit. I’mContinue reading “The Universe is cheeky & magical”

Get it girl.

I am all over the place in terms of growth. It feels like everything is in overdrive. The more I stay detached to all external ‘things’, the more ‘ah-ha’ moments that seem to present themselves… I just completed a week with some of the most energetic people I’ve EVER met! If endorphins could be bottled,Continue reading “Get it girl.”

My soul keeps attracting magical people

Breaking my silence about domestic violence was so confusing. Conflicting. Humbling. Empowering. And everything in between. Before realising that my entire external community was tainted, I honestly thought there was something wrong with me. I believed the lies that I was the one with the problem. I had moments of clarity in recognizing that I’mContinue reading “My soul keeps attracting magical people”

Mental Health: Reflecting on stability

One of the challenges of the month is to push out words, daily. The easiest time for me to push out words is when I first wake up. When I catch myself in the space between sleeping and awake. It’s when I am in flow. When my conscious mind allows my subconscious to take theContinue reading “Mental Health: Reflecting on stability”

Embrace your Magic. Realize your Purpose.

May is mental health awareness month. A month that is SUPER important for me. I spent over a year openly sharing my journey of embracing, understanding, accepting, growing from domestic violence. During that journey, I was called all sorts of names and labelled all sorts of things. At first, I would have massive reactions toContinue reading “Embrace your Magic. Realize your Purpose.”

Control your emotions? Embrace your emotions?

The last few months I’ve been actively allowing myself to get lost in emotion. I wasn’t familiar with my various states. I was conditioned that my needs were irrelevant. My wants were irrelevant. Everything is for family and don’t I dare step out of line. Each time that I even dreamed of speaking my peace,Continue reading “Control your emotions? Embrace your emotions?”