Why Ironman? (#WhyITri)

Things are constantly shifting but my ability to troubleshoot has remained consistent. My ability to find a solution to re-spark the magic is kind of ridiculous. My ability to soften explosive situations should warrant a PhD in AWESOME. So today, I’m opening another layer to share why I picked Ironman. I grew up with aContinue reading “Why Ironman? (#WhyITri)”

Letter of Gratitude: Bonnie​

Dear Bonnie, We have never met in person but our souls crossed paths on Facebook. You commented on a post that encouraged people to embrace ALL emotions, not just the pleasant ones. Of all the comments, yours resonated with me for a number of reasons that I did not know at the time… Your intentionContinue reading “Letter of Gratitude: Bonnie​”

The day I said Good-bye to Fuckwits

My freewriting challenge is over. I’m conflicted on how to feel. Part of me feels a sense of satisfaction for completing such a [vulnerable] goal. It’s not easy to reveal my morning thoughts… especially when I am still re-wiring my mind from narcissistic abuse. I have good days but mostly, I still challenge my thinking.Continue reading “The day I said Good-bye to Fuckwits”

MIA. Drug Dealers. White Skirts. Lovers.

Day 30. Freewriting. I remember the first time. The first time that I didn’t know what to do. I emailed my parents and assured them that I was OK. It was a lie because I really didn’t know what I wanted. I knew that I needed space. I couldn’t breathe. I walked through my 2-bedroomContinue reading “MIA. Drug Dealers. White Skirts. Lovers.”

Illness. Process. Purify. Project. Wellness.

Day 29. Freewriting. Thinking about mental wellness. I’ve shifted my thinking on mental wellness. The difference between ill to well is going from I to WE… takes a village. Kind of. Whether I am bipolar or not is kind of irrelevant. Whether I have anger issues is also irrelevant. So what if I wear myContinue reading “Illness. Process. Purify. Project. Wellness.”

Hurt is anger’s annoying neighbor

Day 28. Freewriting. Love is the strongest emotion I possess. Sometimes I think that anger is my go-to but every day I’m reminded that I’m just fooling myself and it’s actually LOVE. Love is my go to. Some people say that anger is the absence of love but I think that anger is actually hurtContinue reading “Hurt is anger’s annoying neighbor”

I hope. I hope. I hope.

Day 27. Freewriting. When it comes to me, I never hope. I just set a goal and refuse to stop until it’s accomplished. I fail forward. I fail often. Honestly, I believe the only true failure is giving up. Perhaps that’s why I struggle to let go. I think of it as a failure. MyContinue reading “I hope. I hope. I hope.”

Lawyers. Parenting. Loose lips and building blocks.

Day 26. Freewriting. I’m not even going to lie. This month has been super challenging. Welcoming my softer emotions is new territory. My typical way of dealing with pain (hurt) is to block all ways of contact. Part is because seeing the person that hurt me is unbearable. Part is because I don’t trust myself.Continue reading “Lawyers. Parenting. Loose lips and building blocks.”

Schedules. Transition DO : BE. Structure.

Day 25. Freewriting. Thinking about schedules and structure. How are they related to wellness? How have they contributed to my wellbeing? Making that shift from DO MODE to BE MODE. Generally speaking, my planning day is Monday. I have my planner in front of me and map out my entire week. Very rarely do IContinue reading “Schedules. Transition DO : BE. Structure.”

Food Coma. Quiet Mind. Countless Blessings.

Day 24. Freewriting. Oh my gosh!! I was too excited to sleep last night! Today is my FAVOURITE holiday (next to the 4th of July). It’s a day when sweatpants are acceptable, food is love, and the world has a dose of GRATITUDE. The house smells of pumpkin pie and roasting turkey! One only knowsContinue reading “Food Coma. Quiet Mind. Countless Blessings.”