Self-love. Give mode. Narcissists. Perspectives. Shadows.

Day 19. Freewriting. I literally have nothing on my mind. Nothing that inspires me to share my words. So I’m just going to start typing until something comes to mind. I’ll do my best not to hang onto the words and just allow them to flow. I think that having a blank mind is curious.Continue reading “Self-love. Give mode. Narcissists. Perspectives. Shadows.”

My level of WILD is not for the faint

Day 18. Freewriting. Energy levels are off the charts. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been fasting or because I’ve literally locked myself in a room with minimal contact with others. I’m doing a reiki course and they give a heads up that the next few days (perhaps even months) will be more emotionalContinue reading “My level of WILD is not for the faint”

Puppydogs. Lovers. Chaperones. BUFFERS, save me?

Day 11. Freewriting. Dream interpretation and peeling back a layer. I keep people around to help me or protect me. I’m a pro at certain aspects of my life and then there are others where I’m still a rookie… Dream: Walking down the main road in my childhood neighborhood. I”m about a block from myContinue reading “Puppydogs. Lovers. Chaperones. BUFFERS, save me?”

Depth of my eyes. Pain behind my smile. My walls are back up…

Day 9. Freewriting. Making myself vulnerable is a challenge. Woke up this morning intending to discuss something I’m comfortable with, My Inner Circle and kind of went on a few tangents… Inner Circle – Thank you for understanding my depth. Thank you for respecting my privacy. Thank you for asking the open-ended question: How areContinue reading “Depth of my eyes. Pain behind my smile. My walls are back up…”

A LOVER: My favourite questionable decision…

Day 6. Freewriting. Feelings are powerful. I have love on the mind and looking at the evolution of my processing heartbreak over the last decade and the feelings (un)processed. Yesterday, a friend commented how I was all feelings and they didn’t think it was possible for me to avoid feelings like a full-time job. ItContinue reading “A LOVER: My favourite questionable decision…”

Apathy is going to kill humanity

Day 3. Freewriting. The word that keeps coming up is APATHY. The question in the back of my mind is WHO HURT YOU (thank you, Dustin Hoffman, in Runaway Jury). I fell asleep relatively early but woke up in the middle of the night due to a snuggling puppy. He knows something is up butContinue reading “Apathy is going to kill humanity”

Please stop breaking me. Love, Heart

Day 1. Freewriting. Processing hurt: Crack open your heart to let in the light… They say that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes things are meant to build you up and other times, things happen to remind you of your inner strength. I have spent YEARS trying to conceal the heartbreaking parts of my life.Continue reading “Please stop breaking me. Love, Heart”


Building Block: WRITING I’ve been journaling for over a decade. I’ve had penpals around the world for nearly 2 decades. I still send annual updates (my version of a Christmas card) to a select few. I find that writing has become a more important part of my life in the last year… About a yearContinue reading “#WhyIWrite”