ALL things have a price tag.

Day 2. Freewriting. I have a LOT of things to do today and need to have a strong mindset. This is my morning flow to clear my head.

Who is mentally unwell: the person committing suicide or the person lacking empathy?

Sometimes I break my own heart – it’s the only way to let in the light.

Whether it’s tears of joy or tears of sorrow, both bring me happiness, eventually.

Staying in the present moment is difficult when I’m constantly reminded of what I deserve

You tell me to have standards and be careful who is allowed into my world but the rules were never meant to be applied to you…

You prepared me to navigate a sea of heartbreakers but where is the manual for the spiritual vampires. Those are the truly dangerous ones…

I got tired of autopilot, singing praises, and waiting for something better than disappointment.

Quotable people take on a new meaning after dancing in the storms you created…

Most days I tell myself that I’m grateful you never raped me. It could always be worse.

My daily struggle is wondering what I can fix about myself to make you love me.

Perfection is exhausting and doesn’t win many friends. The wise ones understand the motives and the ignorant get jealous.

I wish I could heal your wounds but I’m too busy piecing myself back together.

I have a body of a 22-year-old. The mind of a 55-year-old. And. The soul of a 88-year-old.

I’m sorry. My ears closed the second you started throwing your bullshit my way.

I proved mental resilience by climbing corporate ladders. I proved physical resilence by completing an Ironman. Emotional challenges, all I seem to do is fail. I’m all heart. I think that’s a good thing. The world could use more heart… But I need a better way of dealing before this destroys me.

It’s it ironic that the people meant to protect you are the ones you need to be protected from?

I take full responsibility in every situation. I forgive your acts of aggression and I”m learning to forgive myself for accepting such behavior.

The only difference between projections and gas lighting is persistence and consistency. I wish you set different goals.

Projections are you being unaligned. Gaslighting is pulling me into your messy world. No thank you.

I’ve seen both sides of the tracks. People with less are generally better humans.

That moment when people expose their truth. Breaks my heart when they realize I will not sleep with them. As if I was a piece of meat.

I enjoy calling people out. I always know how you will react, people with pure intentions will apologize straight away… The rest will lash out or somehow make you the villain.

People crack me up. I’m going to start wishing others a day they deserve and let karma do the rest.

Tug of war between letting go of you and processing my emotions. I need to learn the lesson being offered so history doesn’t repeat itself.

I love fully. I give without expectation. Take that for granted and you will see the other side of me. It’s not pretty.

I define love differently than you.

Our definitions of Love are different.

All things have a price tag.

I let you go, for survival.

I can sleep through the night.

The Love. The Hurt. The Trauma.

I forgive you. I love me.

You are my Favourite questionable decision.

A deep sea of intense emotions.

Mornings are finally peaceful. Thank you. Pushing me away.

Being held accountable for your bullshit.

I radiate love. Your hard lessons.

Learn the dark. Love the light.

Making me choose, You or Me.

Your loud fear. My quiet peace.

I crush goals. You sabotaged me.

Appreciate don’t hate. Build don’t destroy.

Highlight the good. Dissolve the bad.

Be the helper and white light.

Give love. Be love. Radiate love.

Your heavy chains. My greatest victory.

Anyone worth loving cannot endorse hate.

Your ignorance drives me batshit crazy.

You tried and lost. No herpes.

Forgave you. Learning to forgive me.

I always win. I have to.


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