Being Objectified vs Being Celebrated

I’ve run into a wave of people that (in my humble opinion) have ridiculous sexual energy. I’m not 100% sure if their sexual energy is directly related to me but it’s interesting either way. A soft spot in my world to be honest. Sexual beings connected to self on so many levels… perception of executionContinue reading “Being Objectified vs Being Celebrated”

Emotional Kung Fu

Day 16. Freewriting. Why is it that I’m ok to live outside my comfort zone with most things, except for sharing my inner thoughts? Is it because I still feel self-conscious about whether or not I’m mentally deranged? What’s the standard for being bi-polar? Maybe I should get a proper psych analysis. What’s the bigContinue reading “Emotional Kung Fu”

Service. Respect. Selflessness. Honor. Gratitude. Love.

Day 12. Freewriting. Today is Veteran’s Day. The first word in my head is VALOR. Seems reasonable to use this moment to acknowledge my favorite men in uniform; the USMC. Dear Soldier – Thank you for your service. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for fighting wars we know nothing about. Thank you forContinue reading “Service. Respect. Selflessness. Honor. Gratitude. Love.”

Depth of my eyes. Pain behind my smile. My walls are back up…

Day 9. Freewriting. Making myself vulnerable is a challenge. Woke up this morning intending to discuss something I’m comfortable with, My Inner Circle and kind of went on a few tangents… Inner Circle – Thank you for understanding my depth. Thank you for respecting my privacy. Thank you for asking the open-ended question: How areContinue reading “Depth of my eyes. Pain behind my smile. My walls are back up…”

I feel your presence, Thank You.

Day 8. Freewriting. I’m having an emotional moment. It’s a combination of grief and longing. With a side of guilt. These emotions are so intense that I subconsciously call on my guardian angels (my grandfathers) as my tears fall… Grandpas – I miss you. All the power in those words. I cannot bring myself toContinue reading “I feel your presence, Thank You.”

i AM the perfect drug. ABUSE me and I will DESTROY you.

Day 5. Freewriting. Self-criticism -> Self-Love. Everyone has parts of them that they wish to change or soften. My first thought is what would I change about me? *5 seconds later* N.o.t.h.i.n.g. I’m absolutely perfect. I don’t have imperfections. I have quirks. I KNOW that I have pure intentions so any misunderstandings come from theContinue reading “i AM the perfect drug. ABUSE me and I will DESTROY you.”

Burning More Bridges Than China Builds…

Day 4. Freewriting. Setting boundaries and saying NO to situations that compromise my well being. Death is on my mind. It seems to be all around. Professional death… Physical death… Spiritual death… I guess spiritual death is related to mental wellness (my current obsession) so it kind of comes full circle… Everything in extremes. OrContinue reading “Burning More Bridges Than China Builds…”

Apathy is going to kill humanity

Day 3. Freewriting. The word that keeps coming up is APATHY. The question in the back of my mind is WHO HURT YOU (thank you, Dustin Hoffman, in Runaway Jury). I fell asleep relatively early but woke up in the middle of the night due to a snuggling puppy. He knows something is up butContinue reading “Apathy is going to kill humanity”

ALL things have a price tag.

Day 2. Freewriting. I have a LOT of things to do today and need to have a strong mindset. This is my morning flow to clear my head. Who is mentally unwell: the person committing suicide or the person lacking empathy? Sometimes I break my own heart – it’s the only way to let inContinue reading “ALL things have a price tag.”