Day 28: Hurt is anger’s annoying neighbor

Day 28. Freewriting. Love is the strongest emotion I possess. Sometimes I think that anger is my go-to but every day I’m reminded I’m just fooling myself and it’s actually LOVE. Love is my go to. Some people say that anger is the absence of love but I think that anger is actually hurt inContinue reading “Day 28: Hurt is anger’s annoying neighbor”

Magic screams when the world is quiet.

Day 23. Freewriting. Feeling very blessed. VERY blessed. This current personal challenge of posting my morning thoughts has been terrifying and fulfilling. It’s allowed me to go deeper within myself without regard to being judged. I’m still conscious of the opinions of others but more or less used as a base to spot check myContinue reading “Magic screams when the world is quiet.”

Dear Mentally Unwell person, Thank you.

Day 21. Freewriting. My focus is all over the place and I need to get this off my chest. I will not name my specific abusers so I’m just going to lay it all out there. It’s not a single person but if you are reading and think you have wronged me, chances are youContinue reading “Dear Mentally Unwell person, Thank you.”