Dear Right Hand, Thank you for being

Dear Right hand,

Thank you. Thank you for being you and doing the things that you do. During this season of healing, lots of growth has taken place. Emotionally, I have been processing some deep seeded pain. The only way to successfully complete this process is through an awakening. A spiritual awakening. You have been one of the most important connectors throughout this process.

When something feels off, without hesitation, you instinctively put yourself over my heart. You stay there for a few minutes. You feel our heart beating. You remind me of our purpose. You remind me of our love. You remind me that change happens one beat at a time.

The simple action is never planned. It’s instinctive. You know before you know. You just do. This action connects two worlds… even if only for a brief moment. It’s like you called a timeout and force the head to think about the heart’s perspective and force the heart to think about the head’s perspective.

Through this process, you encourage understanding and also being present. There is no attachment, just observation. No pain, just observation. No troubleshooting, just observation. No validating, just observation. So thank you. Thank you for working with the spirit and all the other parts to physically touch the heart. Your presence encourages understanding of different perspectives…

This is essential for growth. Essential during an awakening. Essential for ultimate healing. You have been doing this for years and only now am I aware of it. It’s such a small gesture but a VERY powerful one.

So, dearest right hand, thank you. When emotions start to run, the mind jumps down the rabbit hole, or the spirit just feels a bit fuzzy… thank you for getting involved.

Thank you, dear right hand, for bringing awareness back to my heartbeat. Nothing else matters other than having your presence to remind me of the power behind my own heartbeat. Thank you for helping me be. Just be present.

With love and admiration,

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