“How do you feel about guns in the house?”

A question that keeps coming up. “Jess, how do you feel about guns in the house?” Such a loaded question, no pun intended… *awkward sigh* Well, being a survivor of domestic violence, specifically gun violence, this question is rather complex. I do not have a straightforward answer. I’m not entirely sure how to address this question.Continue reading ““How do you feel about guns in the house?””

Being a survivor of Domestic Violence

And every once in a while the Universe decides to congratulate me with a string of decent people. Or perhaps I’m always surrounded by decent people, it’s just when I’m at peace with myself and the world, that I can properly identify the decent people. I’m not sure… Breaking my silence on domestic violence hasContinue reading “Being a survivor of Domestic Violence”

Breaking the Trauma Bond (Domestic Violence)

I’ve been digesting so much information. The information is useless to my heart. The heart wants what the heart wants. The head can digest the information but the heart doesn’t think, it only feels. The heart is taught that family is there no matter what. The heart says that everyone deserves love. The heart saysContinue reading “Breaking the Trauma Bond (Domestic Violence)”