Potential in Others vs Potential in Self

Every once in a while I cross paths with something that challenges every single thought process. It’s a safe place to expand. It’s a place where I can dance between heart and crown. A place where there is growth AND healing at the same time. There are no emotional hangovers. Perhaps an increase in alone time but that’s only to reaffirm that I’m still grounded in myself.

When connected to these Earth Angels, my mind is staying present whilst also reframing things. Seeking flaws in my perception with the ultimate goal of embracing truth.

A few days ago, I attended a workshop. It was a coach the coach type of workshop. Where are you going and why? We were asked what we wanted to transform. Easy. Something that has been a slight obsession, “I, Jessica Corvo, want to move from prioritising potential in others to seeking truth…”

Surface level, this is a fantastic goal. Deeper level, and after creating space to get lost in the figurative magic… and the presence of my newest Earth Angel tapping into my higher self. I’m already there.

During the event, I was fixated on the idea of meeting people where they are at this exact moment. I’m a classic overachiever. My presence [sometimes] makes others feel inadequate. I often hear comments like “when do you sleep?” “What is driving you?” “do you have time for fun?” “I don’t think I’m accomplished enough to be your friend” “Who is your circle of influence?” and my personal favourite “what haven’t you done?” Sometimes my need to avoid these remarks means that I have dimmed my light. I’m not a fan of dealing with projections of insecurity of others, especially considering the fact that most of my accomplishments were deep seeded in the need of approval from others. True story.

My declaration, ‘shift from prioritising potential in others to seeking truth…’ should be, ‘shift from dimming my light to align with my inner truth’. Internal focus. Focused on my behaviour. My growth. Embracing the fact that I not so secretly LOVE LOVE LOVE to whisper magic into others. I freaking LOVE believing in something so hard that others cannot ignore it. I LOVE when others reference my uncommon viewpoint.

My name is Jessica. I googled the meaning. For years, I thought it meant loyalty. Google, well wiki, defined Jessica as a seeker of truth. To see the potential in the future. Foresight. The very name that was chosen by my parents was for me to see potential in everything. Why on Earth would I want to change that about myself?!

This Earth Angel tapped into my higher being. Granted, most days I think I’m magical. Other days, I am told that my energy is too much (sometimes even exhausting). Pure energy is difficult to embrace. I reject pure energy all the time. I am human after all. This earth angel told me to think of a shape and I thought of hearts. He asked me to pick something and I gave him a verbal answer but really wanted both. He listened to my higher self, not my voice. These are magical people. They are my people. Understanding (and encouraging even) when there is a disharmony between what I say vs what I want. To remind me of the magic within. To shut down not just the inner critic but also the echoes that feed into that inner critic.

A few days ago, I wanted to shift from prioritising the potential in others to seeking the truth. Well, the truth is that everyone has the potential to be magical. It’s all in there. At the moment, I’m extracting magic out of others without consciousness. It’s intuitive. And so seeking truth is experiencing then observing. Not thinking then executing. I’ve been questioning my intuition for the last 2 years. Not a fun place to be. I know how to listen to my intuition when words are not spoken. My journey has been to prioritise my intuition before words. Whether it’s the words of fear from others or the words of guilt from self. No more are the days where I’m dimming my light. I struggle to toot my own horn on all the awesome that I’m doing. I [typically] choose to post pictures of dog walking, delicious food, and quiet moments of dancing in the sun. That is truthful and part of my world. Sometimes I require moments of purging my deep seeded pain, questioning my patterns, and isolating myself. That is truthful and part of my world. Getting comfotable with my duality. I’m [still] integrating my world…

My mission to prioritise self. Some words from a year ago… Putting things in motion to share my message AND my magic

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