From ROCK to RAGING RIVER and back to ROCK

The last few weeks have been rather interesting. With a shift in the Universe and also a shift within. Lots of crazy things have been happening. It’s actually kind of funny to be honest… I pride myself on having outstanding crisis management skills. As long as others are having moments of complete duress, I’m ableContinue reading “From ROCK to RAGING RIVER and back to ROCK”

VisualDNA: My neuroticism​ is 16%

#MentalHealthAwarenessMonth As part of my rewiring process, I took a life coaching course. This course is covering a bunch of stuff that I consider basic but it’s almost as if I am learning myself for the first time. At the moment, I know not to trust the judgments of abusers but I’m still trying toContinue reading “VisualDNA: My neuroticism​ is 16%”

Mindfulness without Cynicism​

I’ve been having a number of conversations with people these last few weeks. Perhaps this is a testament to being back in the flow… Mindfulness. Attachment. Expectations. Cups of Love. Give mode. Projections. One of the conversations I would like to share has been my desire to be mindful without being cynical. To see thingsContinue reading “Mindfulness without Cynicism​”

Am I still in pain?

There were so many thoughts and feelings during my morning training session. In the pool, it was a series of gratitude, disappointment, then gratitude to people that have tested my loyalty to myself (notice I didn’t say people that hurt me). The theme being self-love. On the bike, it was a series of thoughts relatedContinue reading “Am I still in pain?”