Letter of Gratitude: NVW Coach

Dear Coach, It was about a year ago that I was introduced to the New Ventures West coaching programme. I was actively building my network and had reached out to a college alumn for advice. Based on our conversation, she recommended that I check the New Ventures West. Integral coaching was new, and I appreciatedContinue reading “Letter of Gratitude: NVW Coach”

Letter of Gratitude: Jess

Dear Jess, During a year of absolute chaos, when you felt completely broken and unlovable, you remembered to breathe. When your abusers conspired to break you, you remembered they are human. When you decided to upgrade your annoyingly-optimistic-everything-is-PHENOMENAL Jess to an authentic imperfectly messy-emotional-yet-RESILIENT Jess, you remembered to be brave. When you made questionable lifeContinue reading “Letter of Gratitude: Jess”

Letter of Gratitude: Bob

Dear Bob, It’s been an absolute honour to know you this last year. I feel blessed to turn a neighbor into a friend… and extended family. I’ve shared tidbits about my journey. You’ve seen me galavanting without a care or responsibility. You’ve seen me with the weight of the world on my shoulders. You’ve alsoContinue reading “Letter of Gratitude: Bob”

Letter of Gratitude: Ali

Dear Ali, One of my favorite places to meet people is the airport. Two things inevitably happen, I learn something new or I have my faith in humanity restored. Something about travelling that just brings out the best in people. Within a few moments, we were able to find common ground: sharing a head shakeContinue reading “Letter of Gratitude: Ali”

Service. Respect. Selflessness. Honor. Gratitude. Love.

Day 12. Freewriting. Today is Veteran’s Day. The first word in my head is VALOR. Seems reasonable to use this moment to acknowledge my favorite men in uniform; the USMC. Dear Soldier – Thank you for your service. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for fighting wars we know nothing about. Thank you forContinue reading “Service. Respect. Selflessness. Honor. Gratitude. Love.”

Letter of Gratitude: D

Day 7. Freewriting. As I continue to remove the one-sided friendships, I’m offered a unique opportunity to grow my “letting go” muscle. A few weeks ago, a “friend” offered to check out my blog and give some feedback (I had just switched up a few things and wanted a second opinion on my flow andContinue reading “Letter of Gratitude: D”

Letter of Gratitude: J

J, Each week, I send out a letter of gratitude. Usually, my letters go to a well-wisher but this week, I dedicate my letter to a teacher. This week I dedicate my letter to You. My readjustment to the USA has been a really interesting one. It’s been filled with reverse culture shock, accepting theContinue reading “Letter of Gratitude: J”

Letter of Gratitude: Heart

Dear Heart, Saying the last few months have been a whirlwind of amazing would be a gross understatement. The summer has been a wonderful reminder of your strength, beauty, and grace. I am in complete awe – I admire SO MANY things about you… Presence. When you give, you give fully. There is no question.Continue reading “Letter of Gratitude: Heart”

Letter of Gratitude: Alex

Dear Alex, Every week I send out a letter of gratitude! My letters are to people who have helped me grow in some way, physically, mentally or spiritually. As I reflect on my journey to Ironman, I don’t think that I have properly thanked you. We met at WCR and you were the one toContinue reading “Letter of Gratitude: Alex”

Letter of Gratitude: Mr. ​Gym Rat

Dear Mr. Gym Rat! Usually, I write letters of gratitude directly but this time I have to post on social media as I haven’t mustered up the courage to introduce myself. I wanted you to know you are admired and respected for the following reasons. your discipline to do cardio at the start of eachContinue reading “Letter of Gratitude: Mr. ​Gym Rat”