Letter of Gratitude: Heart

Dear Heart,

Saying the last few months have been a whirlwind of amazing would be a gross understatement. The summer has been a wonderful reminder of your strength, beauty, and grace. I am in complete awe – I admire SO MANY things about you…

Presence. When you give, you give fully. There is no question. Part of the beauty of giving fully is the inability to give up. That leads me to…

Stubbornness. Thank you for the unwavering insistence to achieve the goal of being unconditional. You are a constant reminder to keep the goal but it’s OK to redefine the plan. This leads me to…

Resilience. I used to think that the only true failure is giving up. Now I think it’s OK to walk away from things that no longer serve you, provided you learn the lesson being offered. Sometimes it’s best to love from afar. This leads me too…

Boundaries. Gosh – boundaries have not typically existed for the ones you love. 2017 provided some amazing opportunities to set [healthy] boundaries for your emotional and spiritual well being. This was a bumpy road but you came out stronger. Love really does conquer all thanks to the help of a few friends. This leads me to…

Alignment. Leading from heart center is perfectly acceptable. It’s actually encouraged as long as in the right company. Can we please agree that moving forward, everything will be collaborative and will include our friends, mind and body? Continue leading the decision making, just bring the teamsters with you, OK? This leads me to…

Purity. Your most amazing qualities are your ability to embrace, cleanse, and grow. This process is beautiful and has been essential to ensure your softness.

Bringing everything full circle, THANK YOU for the newly minted and eternally cherished mantra “Everyone deserves my love, but not everyone deserves my time.”

THANK YOU for being a bright light on a cloudy day.

THANK YOU for being powerful beyond comprehension.

THANK YOU for staying soft when the world tried to harden you.

Most importantly, THANK YOU for never.EVER.giving.up.

With great admiration and respect,
Mind & Spirit

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