With love, Stepping into my Fullness

Dearest Jess,

Can I just say… WOW. I’m in absolute awe. The last few weeks have offered a number of opportunities for you step out of your integrity and you were graceful… The easy thing to do is to flex. To hit back harder than you were hit. You have such a beautiful way with words. Always knowing just what to say to touch someone’s soul. Being someone that says things that need to be heard, you remembered to exercise self-control. When it would have been very easy to share your truth, you recognised that you might have a tainted lens; you realised that the situation was exposing a part that needed some extra love. And so you shifted.

So many new energies have been in our space. Some tame and others predatory. Not always 100% sure which is butterflies and which is your intuition screaming… yes they still feel very similar, you allowed space. You put space between you and new energies to look after us. To ground. To balance. To recharge. For that, thank you.

Your world is still filled with people that prefer distractions. Clothing, alcohol, substance. Some are soulships and others are karma clearing… remember that. It’s OK to get lost in a moment but lets always come back to source.

The next few weeks are going to be beyond powerful. There is a storm brewing. Not sure what type of storm but it feels familiar in the best way. The Universe continues to speak to you. You picked up the messages today. When Ginny was giving a hard time, she just wanted to pull you into her moment and give you lots of kisses. You are loved, Jess. You are constantly surrounded by love. You have done such an amazing job of building, cultivating, and sometimes removing people that no longer qualify.

So thank you. Jess, sincerely thank you for continuing to show up for you, for us, for me.

Stay connected to self and detached to others. Self is source. There will be a series of messengers. All with lessons that you need to learn. Some will reveal themselves to help you pull down your walls, others will remind you why you have walls. Everything is perfect. You will assume that everyone has pure intentions but we know the reality. Not everyone is going to understand you and you are going to continue to want to be loved… and soon enough, you’ll realise that you are loved. Universally loved. Because you are love. You radiate love. You are surrounded by love… and I hope that your garden continues to bloom and be a visual manifestation of all the beauty that is you. You are a strong lifeforce.

Jess, you are love.

The Soul


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