You are not IN the storm, you ARE the storm

Domestic Violence Awareness Month approaches us once again. I feel the need to leverage this month to pivot. Shift my coaching business from general emotional abuse to a very specific group of people. High functioning people. People that know but might not understand. People that instinctively know that financial freedom is the way out but still need to do some work to stay out… people like me.

Subconsciously, I knew that I was in unhealthy situations. I stayed in it because well, ‘family is family’ or ‘all families have their problems’. It wasn’t until I left my corporate job and started my own company that I realised the true amount of pain I needed to work through. The hole in my heart. How much I depended on others for validation for my existence. Small things that ended up being big things.

So this month, I’m taking to LinkedIn. I’m going to share ‘tips & tricks’ on how I was able to navigate my story of domestic violence whilst also creating magic (crushing some pretty phenomenal goals).

Anyone interested in joining the conversation, please feel free. My LinkedIn posts will be open to the public.

To anyone going through a storm… just keep dancing. Soon you will realise that you are not IN the storm but you ARE the storm.

Life is magical… and so are you…

The journey continues…

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