But FIRST, Remember to Forgive Yourself

I have a LOT of conversations. I talk to myself, to others and to plants/animals. Sometimes you can even catch me talking to the clouds (those conversations are kind of sacred). And then I wait. I wait for a message. I keep my mind clear and my heart open. And I just digest things as they come.

In lieu of all sorts of people talking about forgiveness, I need to take a step back. I understand that none of it is directed TO ME but the Universe is telling me something. The messages are FOR ME. My healing journey exposes people that have repeatedly caused me harm. My healing journey also unleashes emotions that have been tucked away for over a decade. Do I forgive? Yes. Do I forget? yes/no. My mind lets go but I realised that my heart holds on. And what I realised is that each time that I have ANY reaction to another person posting about forgiveness is because I forgot to forgive myself. So it’s time for another letter to myself.

Jess – you are an incredible person. I’m so sorry for allowing unworthy people into your space. I’m sorry for allowing people to cause you harm, not just once but for YEARS. I’m so sorry that I didn’t protect you. I’m sorry that I had more compassion for others than for you. You deserve a love that is deeper than the ocean (HECK YEAH – use those words that come so easy to others for yourself!). You are a BAMF and are crushing this healing journey. Do you remember how you couldn’t watch Armageddon without crying at the scene where Bruce Willis selflessly gives up his life for the world? That scene no longer tugs at your heartstrings. Do you remember how you used to change the energy in the room when someone talked about him? Well, first off CONGRATS for having such a strong command over your power but more importantly, CONGRATS on progressing on your purification; the shifts are getting less and less. It means you are SUCCESSFULLY clearing him out of your heart space. And now that you have acknowledged another soft spot, you know where to focus the healing! Just keep at it. Each day might suck monkey balls but just think about the end result. You are fighting for your wellness. Anyone that compromises that is NOT a well wisher and is undeserving of space in your world. You have nothing more to prove. Just stay the course. Reduce the noise… and listen to the messages from the spirit world. They are guiding you… and the most recent messages that tickled my funny bone.

Let go and let God is following you. From Aunties (old school) to IG (new school). The higher ups have your back so ignore the troublemakers. Just stay focused on your healing. No one is relevant at this exact moment in time. No one. This is time for you and only you.

Inner Light (old soul). The message is that GOD doesn’t like dealing with bad karma. The worst type of karma is aggression against old souls. He considers old souls to be spiritually enlightened. Angels on Earth and he does not take too kindly to people that hurt his Angels. So rest easy Jess. You are an old soul and the Universe is on your side.

Don’t let people make their problems your problems. You are wise beyond your years and yet you are still making the same mistake. Some people need to be let go. They are trying to make their problem your problem. Certain people are causing you unnecessary heartache. You need to acknowledge and accept they are accepting of continued abuse but you are not. Let them suffer. It’s no longer your responsibility to help them.

Your heart can rest easy knowing that the Heavens are going to handle your battles. They will take care of those seeking to harm you (physically and spiritually). Just focus on your healing. Continue to purify your heart. The world needs your light. The world needs your grace. The world needs to see that smile once again. So shame on people stepping into your lane with anything other than love. Shame they will be confronted with whatever God(s) they pay homage to. Their day will come. Just keep focused on what you need to do. No more battles need to be fought. Just release it all. And right now, just purge. Remove all that pain and darkness in your heart. Clear it all out. Start each day with forgiving yourself. Forgive yourself for putting others first for so many years. Don’t stray. It’s a marathon… and we are getting close to race day. Pretty soon proximity will not affect you. That day is coming. I can feel it.

With love… and understanding.

PS: ‘Religions worship the light. Science studies the light. The mystic turns on the light.’ Keep doing you Jess, The World needs you to heal and be that light once again. A light 365 days a year, not just when you have half the world between you and your family of abusers. You got this. Keep going.

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