Letter of Gratitude: 2018

Dear Jess,

Thank you. Thank you for finding your backbone (learning the art of NO). Thank you for using your heart (remembering compassion for self). Thank you for demonstrating patience for people of all sorts (mostly patience for self).

It’s not easy to harness the magic. It’s not easy to prevent the nostril flare. It’s DEFINITELY not easy to continue a healing journey when people are dropping landmines all over the place.

I admire your focus. You haven’t been 100% transparent on the goal other than #JourneyToPeace . I’m not entirely sure the public is ready to understand your meaning. Or rather the layers to this hashtag.

Until you are ready to share, just know that I’m proud of you for picking your battles. Admittedly, with each sharing, there is a handful of people that whisper ‘Thank you” or “it was like I was reading my story” … these people are magical and justify all this vulnerability. Vulnerability is tough man. I get it. It’s so much easier to be the excessive-goal-crushing-over-achieving-constantly-smiling-and-super-motivating-Jess but this time is to figure out how to [re]inspire yourself. I get it.

Just remember that the people causing harm are the exception to the rule. They have slipped through the cracks only because of your insistence to find the good in everyone. Sometimes good does not exist. Some people are pure evil. End of story. Their presence represents the old Jess that was tolerant of abuse. The reason for the disharmony is the new Jess has grown. The new Jess brings her head with her heart. Setting boundaries is necessary for wellness. Enforcing boundaries is necessary for self-love. Accountability for crossing boundaries is necessary to teach others how to be a decent human being. Learning how to hold people accountable without getting into legal trouble is the newest art form… ‘learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.’ (Thank you Pablo)

I applaud that you have forgiven people that have harmed you. I enjoy that you have to actively remember why someone was removed from your life. To me, that means that you have let go. You only reserve space in your heart for the good. That’s important and each time that you cannot remember a wrong committed, it’s a testament to your ability to let go. And a testament to love. Just remember to love yourself before others!!!

The current wave in the healing journey is grieving. Grieving the loss of a parent. Grieving the loss of the old self. Grieving the loss of people you thought were friends. Grieving the loss of humanity. This is a difficult wave and I know you will come out of this stronger than before…

Things are starting to get tough and I just wanted to give you a pep talk. Keep going. One step at a time… You got this. Continue to purify your heart and through that process, the people undeserving of your space will start to disappear. Just keep an inward focus. They are teachers. They are messengers. Accept the lesson and they will disappear. Naturally. Keep the faith. One step at a time. You.Got.This.


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