Manifesting & realising magical moments

The last week has been filled with some magical moments. I’m in Italy and making friends with people that cross my path. I try not to collect contact details. My soul needs the moment to I fear staying in touch will ruin the magic. Being love attracts love. I know that I’m in the flow and it breaks my heart each time that my kindness (or love) is interpreted as anything other than just that, purity of love. Love for self. Love for others. Love for life.

I am love.

Intimacy. Intimacy is something that is lacking in the world. It’s holding hands. It’s falling asleep with your head on someone’s heart. It’s eye contact. It’s touching another’s soul. It’s a depth that most people are uncomfortable with.

Love. Love is showing up. It’s doing something that might not be convenient but you do it anyway because you know how much it means to someone else. It’s being there. It’s selfless. It’s powerful. It solves all of life’s problems. It’s pure. It’s different for everyone… for me, it’s standing at a finish line, supporting a goal, whispering the magic into my ear when I’m overwhelmed. It’s everything and nothing. It’s being present.

I’ve really been thinking about these concepts the last few days. I’m sure that my definitions will change but at the moment, I think that Italy is a constant flow of both Intimacy and Love.

Some experiences in the last week that made me feel loved included some meetings on airplanes. An Indian Auntie (and Uncle) showed me kindness in terms of belief in my abilities to achieve any goal that I set out to achieve. Not just that but taking it a step further. I’m currently in process to compete in triathlons around the world to raise awareness for mental wellness (specifically addressing domestic abuse recovery). Auntie thinks that I should train for the Olympics. Perhaps I’ll start staring the magical conversations with kindred souls… after all, healing is a dance between focusing on the good – addressing the pain – focusing on the good – addressing the pain. Until that magical day that the pain no longer exists. I am very much looking forward to that day…

I digress…

Love… such a tough topic. Can I love others if I’m still learning how to love myself? Society seems to preach that one is only complete with another person. Society likes to prey on insecurity. Society likes to brainwash women to think that love is how much a person is able to tolerate as opposed to being treated with respect and human decency. I know that I can love others. I do it all the time. The more love I send out to others, the more it comes back 10-fold. Just this afternoon, I was sitting in a square. I was enjoying a pizza and a group of English Rugby players grabbed the tables near me. Light banter. Learned about them. Shared why I have the number 433 imprinted on my arm. As they were leaving, I wished one of the guy’s daughter luck for her first marathon and then I wished him safety as the group headed for a 5v5 rugby match in a nearby park. My new friend asked about my plan for the afternoon. I responded with: check-in the hotel, drop off my bags, then head to the Coliseum. He was eyeballing my pizza then offered a mutually beneficial offer. My last slice of pizza in exchange for an unused ticket to the Coliseum. That’s love. Pure love. I didn’t get his name. He didn’t get mine. The random act of kindness had a ripple effect. Both sides were happy with the exchange and went on their separate way.

At the Coliseum, I jumped queue THREE times. Literally, just as the crowds starting gathering, I was first in line to get shifted to a new line. Magic. The vendors were polite and informative. Not pushy. Simple “No grazie” and a smile. This is Jess World. In.The.Flow. This is love. Being connected without attachment. No expectations. A constant flow to add value to someone’s life in some small way. It’s not expected or negotiated. It just happens. When the heart is open, the good times flow.

A string of magical moments continued throughout the day.

Connected without attachment. No expectations. Just a bubble of love, giving and being open to receive. This is my favourite type of magic… creating magical moments around the world…

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