You Are Always in My Heart

Hey Jess!

Heck ya! It’s time to pause and celebrate! It’s been a massive month! Housing has been a hot mess but that’s only because you believed in the potential of others. Now that you are accepting people for who/what they are, things are getting more stable. It’s not an easy truth as everyone is imperfect. Just keep showing up for yourself and speaking your truth. It’s not getting easier, you are just getting stronger. I’m so glad that you are stepping back from the whole ‘life is an adventure and I’m taking this as a message from the Universe to skip town’. You can only claim messages when you acknowledge and learn from them! hahahaha. Love you, boo. Love you, lots. You’ll find your tribe. I have faith. It’s a process.

Zumba has a start date!?!?! Crushing it, boo. Crushing it! Words don’t describe how proud I am! Last year at this time, you were nervous about becoming an instructor. Your birthday present to yourself was instructor training and now 7 months later, you are going to be on stage (and hosting your own classes). In true style, not just any stage but you nailed a gig with a gym on Michigan Avenue! Way to swing for the fence! I’m so incredibly proud of you!

For real though, your self-care practices are on point. I’m so proud of you! Signing up for a new coaching programme is a massive display of self-care. Massive. It’s a wonderful way to honour how far you have come with your current coaching business whilst levelling up to where you intend to grow. This tribe (or family) is exactly what your soul needs. Stick to the plan and keep working on yourself. With each interaction, you are growing into a more authentic (and confident) version of yourself. I cannot wait to see what company you align yourself with… this is truly incredible.

Dipping your toes into the dating space is brave. I’m so proud of you for keeping a soft heart. After everything, you are still soft. I love you on so many levels for this. It’s validation that you put in the work and will continue to light lives. There will always be a fair bit of admirers. Continue to believe in magic whilst watching actions. The ones that are supporting your growth are the ones that deserve your time. Everyone gets your love but now is the season to protect your time. You are on point and I’m so pleased that you are (finally) learning the art of saying NO. There is no such thing as impossible expectations, you’ve only asked for love, loyalty and respect. Anyone that struggles with these concepts doesn’t deserve you (or your heart). Just.keep.going. Keep yourself in your heart, always! Protect that beautiful heart of yous with everything you have.

All the pieces are starting to come together. Just keep doing things for you. One day at a time. This build has been absolutely magical to witness.

With tremendous love,
Your intuition

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