Prayers Go Up, Blessings Come Down

A statement that keeps surfacing is ‘do not allow others to block your blessings.’ This is such a powerful statement. I used to call people season, reason, lifetime. Simplifying to this new mantra: BYE! DO NOT BLOCK MY BLESSINGS simply makes me laugh.

A dear friend is the one that keeps saying it. She’s my big sister. She cracks me up. She will say something then grin. I can feel her grin through the phone. She’s been really consistent with checking in on me. Encouraging behaviour that is good for my soul, laughter. And being so soul connected that she knows when I’m about to do something I shouldn’t be doing. She’s good people. Without question, good people. The best part, she keeps reminding me that I’m funny! How amazing is that? When I’m laughing at myself over something ridiculous, she’s right next to me laughing too! Granted, my world is pretty magical and some absolutely ridiculous things happen… it’s all part of the journey! And I wouldn’t change a single thing!

And just like that, I’m reminded of the love in the world. To love someone isn’t to just say it. It’s to show up. Sometimes you don’t understand why you want to show up but you do. Maybe you show up because you know what it feels like to struggle? Maybe you show up because the thought of someone suffering alone breaks your heart? Or perhaps, there is a connection that you cannot explain with words, it’s just about actions? You show up because it breaks your heart to know that another individual is going through pain alone. Now, it’s not your job to ease the pain but at least the other person doesn’t have to endure it alone.

This is friendship. This is family.

My heart still hurts about my biological family. I’m not sure that pain will ever go away. Each day it gets better. Easier. The last few weeks, I’ve been making intentional shifts. When I was feeling low or wanted to strangle someone causing pain to a person I care about, I stopped myself. I started to think of well-wishers. I started to list the things I am grateful for. Heck, I even started up old habits of sending heart emojis. And more importantly, I started picking up the phone. Life is always going to have its fair share of people blocking blessings. Trying to block blessings. And the less space I hold for this behaviour, the faster my life drastically improves… This is a concept that I know VERY well when living in Asia and I’m just starting to remember when living in the USA!

In Asia, I’m fully connected to self in a way that I trust my intuition without pause. I float between situations. Fully connected to self and observing. In the USA, I had to reprogramme myself. I had to unplug from the matrix. Unlearn all the things that society has forced down my throat. Redefine so many things. I challenged my very own existence and I shattered my own heart to allow more light in!

And in the midst of it all, I found my voice. At first, it was a whisper. And now, it’s roaring. I am able to stand my ground. Detach with love. Reframe until something makes sense. Stay connected to self. Put space between me and things that do not serve my highest self. Unwavering in what I will accept. Unquestioning on vibes. Knowing without knowing.

And most importantly, remembering that when Prayers Go Up, Blessings Come down. I pray that my world continues to expand with kind-hearted people. I pray that my days are sprinkled with laughter. I pray that my heart is filled with joy and my mind is at peace. I pray that my decisions continue to make my Grandfathers proud and I continue to work towards building something that adds a bit more love to the world.

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