Resilience: The art of being a Lighthouse

There are so many thoughts racing through my mind at the moment. I believe the Universe is urging me to connect the dots… the dots being mental wellness and the corporate world. Are the two related? If yes, how?

To me, it’s about being a lighthouse. And to be a lighthouse, one must have heightened awareness AND resilience.

Let’s break it down. A ramble if you will… Lighthouses attract both boats AND bugs! The boats are useful as they are carrying goods for other people. Bugs [at piers] are simply annoying. They do not offer much value, if any! That said, are the bugs bad? Not necessarily… they are just present. Their presence only becomes troublesome if they are in large quantities. Otherwise, their presence is simply not an issue. You cannot change a bug because a bug is a bug. Just be aware of their presence and accept them for what they are, a bug. Boats are value added, bugs are not. Or are they?

Corporate World. My goodness are both present! The boats (leaders/abundance mindset) AND the bugs (managers/fear mindset)! The biggest question is which side tips the scales? How are you protecting yourself? Do you have the tools to constantly increase your awareness? The quote, ‘Learn the rules like a pro, to break them like an artist’ starts dancing in my head when I think about corporate shenanigans. Always be detached. Present but detached. Observe. Remember that everything is a game. The objective is to pull others into your peace before they can pull you into their storm. It’s nothing more than a game.

These thoughts are dancing in my mind as I have recently accepted a few new coaching clients. The main theme is to manage stress or pick yourself up after an unforeseen obstacle. The main theme has been [emotional] resilience. Building the muscle of resilience takes a bit of work. I think that it’s perfect timing as society has been heavily promoting positivity. But life is not always positive. Life is filled with ups and downs. The objective is to increase the ups and manage the downs. The only way to manage the downs is to build the muscle. The only way to build the muscle is to know what to look for… Do you know what to look for? Looping back, are bugs value added?

I think they are extremely value added. For their presence, albeit unintentional, bugs offer a massive service for your overall wellness. And emotional resilience!

Being a lighthouse, the presence of both the boats and the bugs are unavoidable! Boats intentionally help you. Bugs unintentionally help you. Both are useful in their own way. Both help you grow in their own way. Both are phenomenal teachers. It’s just a matter of awareness to understand the lesson being taught…

If your world is filled with an abundance of bugs? How are you managing it? Do you need help? Let me know!


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