Letter of Gratitude: Mr. ​Gym Rat

Dear Mr. Gym Rat!

Usually, I write letters of gratitude directly but this time I have to post on social media as I haven’t mustered up the courage to introduce myself. I wanted you to know you are admired and respected for the following reasons.

  1. your discipline to do cardio at the start of each session
  2. it seems like every day is leg day
  3. you re-rack your weights
  4. you acknowledge my presence but NEVER interrupt my session
  5. BONUS – I haven’t seen you taking selfies or checking your phone between sets (Your focus on personal development is intoxicating…)

I have a ‘no dating’ policy until after my big race (I’m doing Ironman in a few months) but I fully intend to invite you for a meal in June. Assuming you are single, my intention is to shamelessly flirt with you whilst eating delicious food!

Until then Mr. Gym Rat, thank you for being you! Early mornings are easier when I get to see you in gym. Your presence motivates others, myself included!

Smooches from a not so secret admirer 😘🤗

#LetterOfGratitude #GymRat #PersonalDevelopment #BuildingAMachine

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