Letter of Gratitude: NVW Coach

Dear Coach, It was about a year ago that I was introduced to the New Ventures West coaching programme. I was actively building my network and had reached out to a college alumn for advice. Based on our conversation, she recommended that I check the New Ventures West. Integral coaching was new, and I appreciatedContinue reading “Letter of Gratitude: NVW Coach”

Open Mic (Singapore)

You know you’re obsessed when you find every opportunity to jump on a stage to work on your public speaking skills! Tonight’s ‘performance’ was testing my improv skills. My story-telling skills… It was an open mic night at a local bar in Singapore. The theme was my first time. My goal was to get theContinue reading “Open Mic (Singapore)”

Fine Tuning a New Skillset…public speaking

A month into my public speaking journey and I started winning awards… I was runner-up for table talks at Toastmasters Club Singapore. The Challenge: Debate style. Positives and Negatives of having a direct boss. I had to argue the positives. “I associate directness with trust. The priority is to build trust. How do you buildContinue reading “Fine Tuning a New Skillset…public speaking”

Getting Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

I think I missed my calling as professional goofball! I started my public speaking journey by visiting various ToastMasters groups in Singapore. This was one of my first table talks. I flung myself into the deep end… The challenge was to be a Pokemon character. I didn’t understand Pokemon so I opted to make upContinue reading “Getting Comfortable with being Uncomfortable”