Whether I was based in Hong Kong or Singapore, weekend trips to Thailand were a treat! Some trips were in the hustle and bustle of overpopulated cities and other trips were visiting secluded islands to swim with tropical fish or find hidden waterfalls!

Thailand offers an array of cultural experiences.

Mistaken Thai Chili for green beans (Kao Lak)

Lighting paper lanterns during a national festival (Bangkok)

Swimming with tropical fish (Phi Phi Island)

Getting hustled in Connect Four by some of the most beautiful and strong women I’ve ever met (Phuket)

Riding midget horses on the beach (Hua Hin)

Motorbike rides to hidden waterfalls (Koh Samui)

Ping Pong shows (Bangkok)

Temples / Museums (Bangkok)

Watching the world turn from the coastlines of Thailand is something spectacular!!!

My experiences will make you laugh and convince you the ONLY way to live life is with the essentials: passport, bathing suit, sundress, flip-flops and a huge smile

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