Letters of Gratitude

My writing journey has been a love-hate type of thing. I love to write, I hate to share! Only recently have I found confidence in sharing my words, publically. I have kept journals, written letters and in the last year created this blog…

My favorite writing is in the form of Letters of Gratitude. My letters started after college as a means to stay in touch with others and deepen relationships. The letters just kind of grew into something bigger… more meaning as the years pass. Currently, my letters are written and sent to someone who has helped me grow in some way: physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Sometimes the recepient is aware of their value added to my journey and other times they were simply testing my loyalty to self. I consolidated my favorite letters and put them into a book. The book is complete, I’ll publish soon.

My current project is making myself vulnerable in hopes to fall in love with my softness. This experiment is very public and very scary. I’ve created a social media page on instagram for my poetry and then my blog is my morning freewriting. Both are dedicated to mental wellness for the month of November.


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Published by Jessica Corvo

Health Coach. Mental Wellness Advocate. Ironman. Global Nomad. Warrior of Love.