Just.Hit.Publish – is it [really] worth the risk?

I’m a writer. I write. It makes me happy. Well, I wouldn’t say the writing itself makes me happy as much as knowing that others are able to read my words and heal their heart. Helping others is what makes me happy. Knowing that my current tool, writing, is how I am able to helpContinue reading “Just.Hit.Publish – is it [really] worth the risk?”

Betrayal is such an ugly friend

22. Freewriting. My body is having reactions and my mind hasn’t figured out why… yet. My sleep has been erratic the last 3 nights. My mind is clear. My tolerance is non-existent. I’m biting back to others. I cannot figure out why. What is the shadow emotion that is trying to come out…? *** It’sContinue reading “Betrayal is such an ugly friend”