Yooooo Warrior!! I’m so glad you stopped by! Is today day 1 for a healthier lifestyle? Are you interested in levelling up your fitness? Or this is an internet rabbit hole situation? (This is a no judgement zone). Regardless of why OR where you are in your fitness journey, I’m tickled you are here! HELLO! Fitness has been a large part of my life for a very long time… college sprinter, Ironman & group fitness instructor. I LOVE working out! I LOVE people! We build. We bond. We crush goals! And of course, we keep it (super) fun!! Main formats are below. Movement is medicine! Health is Wealth!

I’ve taught 100+ in-person classes in Chicago! I’ve also taught 100+ virtual classes around the world! I’m currently hosting virtual classes via Zoom. For access, please fill out this registration form. If you would like to hire me for a workshop, private event or corporate wellness programme, please send an email to (subject line: FITNESS).


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