Yooooo Warrior!! I’m so glad you stopped by! Is today day 1 for a healthier lifestyle? Are you interested in levelling up your fitness? Or this is an internet rabbit hole situation? (This is a no judgement zone). Regardless of why OR where you are in your fitness journey, I’m tickled you are here! HELLO! Fitness has been a large part of my life for a very long time… college sprinter, Ironman & group fitness instructor. I LOVE working out! I LOVE people! We build. We bond. We crush goals! And of course, we keep it (super) fun!! Main formats are below. Movement is medicine! Health is Wealth!

I’ve taught 100+ in-person classes in Chicago! I’ve also taught 200+ virtual classes… around the world! I’m currently hosting virtual classes via Zoom. To join the fun or hire me for your special event, please fill out this registration form. I’m available for summer camp, private events & corporate wellness programmes!


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