A LOVER: My favourite questionable decision…

Day 6. Freewriting. Feelings are powerful. I have love on the mind and looking at the evolution of my processing heartbreak over the last decade and the feelings (un)processed. Yesterday, a friend commented how I was all feelings and they didn’t think it was possible for me to avoid feelings like a full-time job. ItContinue reading “A LOVER: My favourite questionable decision…”

Hoovering? Love Bombing? … who knows?! It’s just another manipulation.

When I date someone, I start a shoebox for relationship keepsakes. When the relationship ends, the box turns into a bag. The bag gets chucked into my closet. I shared this quirk with some friends and they wanted to open the bags… They thought it was clever and sentimental but odd. Looking back, I’ve datedContinue reading “Hoovering? Love Bombing? … who knows?! It’s just another manipulation.”

Heart Emoji -> Letters of Gratitude

Building Block: GRATITUDE My life is riddled with sayings. A college roommate of mine once gifted me a book to consolidate my “Corvoisms”. Over the years, I have adopted some things from here and other things from there. My book contains all my experiments. What works for me. What doesn’t? What was a trend? What becameContinue reading “Heart Emoji -> Letters of Gratitude”

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