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Lawyers. Parenting. Loose lips and building blocks.

Day 26. Freewriting. I’m not even going to lie. This month has been super challenging. Welcoming my softer emotions is new territory. My typical way of dealing with pain (hurt) is to block all ways of contact. Part is because seeing the person that… Continue Reading “Lawyers. Parenting. Loose lips and building blocks.”

words to build. words to break.

Day 10. Freewriting. Connectedness. Words are so important. Thoughts, words, energy, accomplishments… they are all connected in some way. Everything is important… my morning freewriting (stuff I share on my blog) has been magical to help identify some kinks in my armour. Perfect warm-up… Continue Reading “words to build. words to break.”

Poem: Do you know how it feels

Do you know how it feels when every part of your being says NO but your heart says JUST ONE MORE CHANCE Do you know how it feels when you use language like “You need help” or “You are embarrassing yourself” Do you know… Continue Reading “Poem: Do you know how it feels”

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