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Letter of Gratitude: Ian

Dear Ian, Have you ever noticed how there are certain people in your life that just wiggle their way into your heart? Sometimes you wish they would see you in a different light but you are just as happy to have them in your…

Letter of Gratitude: Vicky

Dear Vicky, Every week I send out a letter of gratitude. My letters are to someone who has helped me grow emotionally, spiritually or physically. Today I dedicate my letter to you. A lot of my time is spent networking and getting involved with…

Letter of Gratitude: Robin

Dear Robin, I hope this finds you well! I wanted to send you some positive energy and a friendly hello! I also wanted to thank you. It was roughly a year ago that we had a discussion on how I might be able to…

Letter of Gratitude: H

Dear H, Honestly, has anyone ever told you ‘no’? I had a wonderful time getting to know you, share a ridiculous excitement for food and explore Indonesia. You are by far the worst local ever… hahaha! I appreciate you fulfilling my request of being…

Letter of Gratitude: C

Dear C, You were my high school sweetheart. You were my first real love…perhaps puppy love, but still worth writing an unpublished letter or note of gratitude. I sincerely hope that we always remain friends. Despite your constant need to be a pervert, I…

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