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Heart Emoji -> Letters of Gratitude

Building Block: GRATITUDE My life is riddled with sayings. A college roommate of mine once gifted me a book to consolidate my “Corvoisms”. Over the years, I have adopted some things from here and other things from there. My book contains all my experiments. What… Continue Reading “Heart Emoji -> Letters of Gratitude”

Letter of Gratitude: Vicky

Dear Vicky, Every week I send out a letter of gratitude. My letters are to someone who has helped me grow emotionally, spiritually or physically. Today I dedicate my letter to you. A lot of my time is spent networking and getting involved with… Continue Reading “Letter of Gratitude: Vicky”

Letter of Gratitude: Robin

Dear Robin, I hope this finds you well! I wanted to send you some positive energy and a friendly hello! I also wanted to thank you. It was roughly a year ago that we had a discussion on how I might be able to… Continue Reading “Letter of Gratitude: Robin”

Letter of Gratitude: H

Dear H, Honestly, has anyone ever told you ‘no’? I had a wonderful time getting to know you, share a ridiculous excitement for food and explore Indonesia. You are by far the worst local ever… hahaha! I appreciate you fulfilling my request of being… Continue Reading “Letter of Gratitude: H”

Letter of Gratitude: C

Dear C, You were my high school sweetheart. You were my first real love…perhaps puppy love, but still worth writing an unpublished letter or note of gratitude. I sincerely hope that we always remain friends. Despite your constant need to be a pervert, I… Continue Reading “Letter of Gratitude: C”

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