The brainwashing continues… I AM WORTHY

It’s been about a month. A month of silence for my blog anyways. I’ve been very active on other social media platforms but have shied away from my blog because I needed some time and space to divide and conquer. When I purge emotions about my biological father, he backs down. When I purge emotionsContinue reading “The brainwashing continues… I AM WORTHY”

VisualDNA: My neuroticism​ is 16%

#MentalHealthAwarenessMonth   As part of my rewiring process, I took a life coaching course. This course is covering a bunch of stuff that I consider basic but it’s almost as if I am learning myself for the first time. At the moment, I know not to trust the judgments of abusers but I’m still tryingContinue reading “VisualDNA: My neuroticism​ is 16%”

My Eulogy

There are so many emotions around sharing this piece with the world. I actually wrote it last summer and asked a dear friend to read it in the event I was murdered. Even if we lost touch, I made him PROMISE to be the one to read my words. At that moment, I needed peopleContinue reading “My Eulogy”