Letter of Gratitude: Mother Earth

Dear Mother Earth, Thank you. You remind me of the beauty in the world each time that I step outside. With each time that my feet kiss the ground, you blast me with love. With each turn during a run, you give me something to admire. The colors of your flowers remind me of theContinue reading “Letter of Gratitude: Mother Earth”

Letter of Gratitude: Brokenness & Self-Care

Dearest Dan, I was in the market for a new lover. My roster has been cleared for quite some time and I knew I wasn’t ready to be in a relationship. At least not in what society dubs as a conventional relationship. Taking on a lover is a non-committal commitment. It’s not physical but itContinue reading “Letter of Gratitude: Brokenness & Self-Care”

Letter of Gratitude: Jax​

Dear Jax, So much love in such a tiny body. Sometimes I feel completely disconnected to the world and then there are times that you reel me back into Jess world. You remind me of the magic! I’ve really been thinking about how happiness is connected to a short memory. Being a puppy, I thoughtContinue reading “Letter of Gratitude: Jax​”

Letter Of Gratitude: Kathleen

Dear Kathleen, Everything in life is by design. It was a serendipity that our paths crossed. I feel blessed that I was open and receptive to understand the purpose for our meeting. On one level, you were a positive reinforcement that I am not crazypants. Shifting from a world of mindful people to a worldContinue reading “Letter Of Gratitude: Kathleen”

Letter of Gratitude: Love Bugs

Dear Love Bugs, I know you are out there and I know that you have been trying your best to bite me. I know that you think that I’m a Debbie Downer and I appreciate your presence. Your presence is noticed (I notice everything). Sincerely. At this stage in my journey, it’s important that youContinue reading “Letter of Gratitude: Love Bugs”