Letter Of Gratitude: Kathleen

Dear Kathleen, Everything in life is by design. It was a serendipity that our paths crossed. I feel blessed that I was open and receptive to understand the purpose for our meeting. On one level, you were a positive reinforcement that I am not crazypants. Shifting from a world of mindful people to a worldContinue reading “Letter Of Gratitude: Kathleen”

Letter of Gratitude: Elaine

Dear Elaine (@twisted.word.tango), Generally speaking, I’m the person people go to for the silver lining. I’m the one that makes the sun come out and teaches others how to use bricks to build a ridiculous fortress of AMAZING. This last year, I needed that person. I spent a bit of time reaching out to othersContinue reading “Letter of Gratitude: Elaine”