Jessica’s life is EXTRAordinary. Workshops & Corporate Wellness Programmes are based on a thirst for adventure! Climbing corporate ladders for one of the largest commodities trading companies in the world, bumping elbows with the biggest movers & shakers across South East Asia! Wait, Jess also hung out with Nomadic Tribes, crossed an Ironman finish line, AND converted a city of Trauma into a playground where she actively promotes HEALTH & WELLNESS! Jess will meet you where you are! Are you ready to inspire your team? Community? School? The goal is to always have fun while supporting your journey to increase mental focus & emotional balance.

Do you operate with a clear mind & a pure heart?

Cultivate A Warrior Mindset

Life is beautiful. Life can also have the potential to bring you to your knees. What is the difference? Perspective. This workshop is tailored for corporate (lunch & learn or team bonding) initiatives. This is a 4-step process to teach participants how to Cultivate a Warrior Mindset.

Be Your Own Hero

In the USA, Domestic Violence affects more than 10-12 million people each year. Jess shares stories of her personal experience of family to raise consciousness within our younger communities. This workshop consists of role playing to discuss normalised (harmful) situations, crowdsource how to identify safe people, & ways to create healthy outlets to process BIG emotions. Jess hosts workshops as a Survivor, not a therapist/Social Worker. These workshops are ideal for younger communities to have candid conversations in a safe space. What is shared in the room, stays in the room. Trust is a must!

From Impossible to I’m Possible

Do you know what it takes to cross an Ironman finish line? Do you know what it takes to build a life in a foreign country? Do you know what it takes to start building businesses at ground zero of where your life was threatened by gun point? Sharing these stories is powerful. If your group is in need of a Motivational Keynote Speaker, this programme will leave the crowd feeling empowered (and inspired) to accomplish their next goal.

Jessica is passion, positive charge and optimism in person. Listening to her speech could really ignite your soul and inspire you to do great things you would’ve thought as impossible previously. I would really recommend Jessica as a great coach and motivator if your organisation needs a boost to improve your team’s morale and reinvent the sense of purpose especially in these challenging times. Thanks for giving us the sharing today! You have given us the inspiration and motivation to be a good leader and becoming the change we want to see in the world. It is always seems impossible until we finally done it!

Williem C (Indonesia)

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