I’ve been writing letters of gratitude since 2009. My first letter was super awkward. It felt more like a love letter than a letter of gratitude. Over the years, my letter writing has become a weekly practice for self-care. It’s also become a powerful tool for building (emotional) resilience. Below are some of my favourite letters. For me, to seek truth in a situation has helped me bounce back from adversity. Letters to Self and Letters of Gratitude are very easy to write, whereas the Letters to Heal take a bit more… conscious effort. I’ve outlined my process below. If you would like help with a letter, please feel free to reach out. Happy to help you navigate your situation. Happy writing! Happy growing!

Letters to Self

WHO: Self

WHY: Everything is connected and everyone operates differently. I found great value in connecting pieces of me (mind, body, soul). These letters are the first draft and acknowledge the various phases of growth. When was the last time that you stopped to say, “Thank you” to yourself? YOU are a warrior of love. YOU are a warrior of light. YOU are a pretty freaking magical being. So hands up and hearts full… write a letter to acknowledge your personal AWESOME!

PROCESS: Take a deep breath. Put your hand on your heart. Feel your heartbeat for a few minutes. Picture yourself. Then start writing. These letters are unedited. First draft.


Letters of Gratitude

WHO: Well-wisher

WHY: A person that genuinely wants to see you succeed. They understand inner peace and alignment and share that gift with you, via reminding you of the magic within. Each person influences you in some way, are they bringing you closer to achieving your goal?

PROCESS: Close your eyes. Think of a difficult time. You are in this situation because you made a decision that wasn’t good for your wellness. Now think of the person that you are nervous to confess to. This person has inspired you to make healthy decisions. A person that has inspired you to be your best version. A person that inspires you to make healthy decisions. Imagine that person. Then start writing. These letters are unedited. First draft. From.the.heart.


Letters to Heal

WHO: Teacher

WHY: Everyone is a teacher. These letters are specifically focused on the painful lessons. The unexpected lessons. The lessons that you thought would break you but instead, they made you stronger. Once the letter is written, it symbolizes that you acknowledge the lesson, express gratitude, and are ready to grow.

PROCESS: Close your eyes. Your mind is racing. You feel the need to be heard. The need to defend yourself. A need to ‘put someone in their place’. Who is this person? First letter. Write out everything that is surfacing. Unedited. Read the letter. Is it an account of the event? This happened, then this, then that? Cool. Nice work. Walk away. Breathe. Second Letter. New letter. What emotions are you feeling? Write down words until there are no more words. Unedited. Read the letter. Is it a lot of emotions? Can you identify the difference between the perceived problem vs the root cause problem? Cool. Nice work. Walk away. Breathe. Third Letter. New letter. What can you do to change your behaviour? What can you do to not be in this situation again? Are you willing to do it? Write this down and be honest with yourself. Take responsibility for why you ended up in the situation in the first place. If this is a habit (reoccurring situation), then identify the behaviour that you are going to acknowledge, embrace, and change.