Hello Super Achiever!

I know you are busy so let’s get to the point. YOU have a stretch goal. YOU want to hire outside counsel. YOU are fully capable of accomplishing your goals (on your own) but looking for a competitive edge to crush this goal! Crushing goals is a way of life. Most people consider you successful and some have even called you a powerhouse. You want more! OK… PERFECT!

About YOU

🌱 Do you desire a life of inner peace (joy)?
🌱 Is your life in need of a slight tune-up (alignment)?
🌱 Do you know which part of your life is causing you stress (disharmony)?
🌱 Would you like help to identify your blind spots (self-awareness)?
🌱 Would your life improve if someone held you accountable (integrity)?
🌱 Would you benefit from creating a life of purpose (intentional living)?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you are in the right place!

(Again, let’s get to the point)!

About ME

🌱 Certified Life Coach
🌱 Seasoned Health Coach
🌱 Certified Reiki Master
🌱 Ironman Finisher
🌱 Corporate Health & Fitness Instructor
🌱 Global Citizen – lived in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Indonesia & USA
🌱 Mental Health Advocate (recognized by the UN)
🌱 Survivor of Trauma (gun violence)
🌱 Writer for the world’s largest platform to curb stress & burnout (Thrive Global)
🌱 Writer for national recovery non-profit (BTSADV)
🌱 Candid, Honest & Effective Coaching Style
🌱 My objective: help YOU crush YOUR goals!


  • Single Breakthrough Session (general health & wellness)
  • 8-week Stress & Anxiety Management Programme
  • 8-week Increase Your Energy Programme
  • 8-week Building Resilience Programme
  • CORPORATE PROGRAMMES (6-month minimum)