Global Goodwill Ambassador

A month ago, I was acknowledged. I was validated. I was honoured for some pretty intense [humanitarian] work. About a year ago, I decided to turn into my pain and confront a troubled relationship. During the process, I was able to identify who was helping me heal and who was helping my oppressor cause additionalContinue reading “Global Goodwill Ambassador”

#MeToo – sharing my story at open mic night in Chicago

My intention for the night was simply to take a break from my writing. To be invisible amongst a crowd of strangers. Take a break from my journey by supporting others… I hesitantly joined an event in the city with a trusted friend. A few months ago, I made myself vulnerable by publishing my storyContinue reading “#MeToo – sharing my story at open mic night in Chicago”

Hubbard High School (Chicago)

Visits home are typically spent with family and minimal amount of time to see friends. This trip, I was VERY fortunate to be invited to speak with high schoolers about my experiences in Asia. We covered a bunch of topics related to infrastructure, starting conversations with strangers, and thriving outside your comfort zone. Very interestingContinue reading “Hubbard High School (Chicago)”

Open Mic (Singapore)

You know you’re obsessed when you find every opportunity to jump on a stage to work on your public speaking skills! Tonight’s ‘performance’ was testing my improv skills. My story-telling skills… It was an open mic night at a local bar in Singapore. The theme was my first time. My goal was to get theContinue reading “Open Mic (Singapore)”

Fine Tuning a New Skillset…public speaking

A month into my public speaking journey and I started winning awards… I was runner-up for table talks at Toastmasters Club Singapore. The Challenge: Debate style. Positives and Negatives of having a direct boss. I had to argue the positives. “I associate directness with trust. The priority is to build trust. How do you buildContinue reading “Fine Tuning a New Skillset…public speaking”

Getting Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

I think I missed my calling as professional goofball! I started my public speaking journey by visiting various ToastMasters groups in Singapore. This was one of my first table talks. I flung myself into the deep end… The challenge was to be a Pokemon character. I didn’t understand Pokemon so I opted to make upContinue reading “Getting Comfortable with being Uncomfortable”