Letter Of Gratitude: Kathleen

Dear Kathleen, Everything in life is by design. It was a serendipity that our paths crossed. I feel blessed that I was open and receptive to understand the purpose for our meeting. On one level, you were a positive reinforcement that I am not crazypants. Shifting from a world of mindful people to a worldContinue reading “Letter Of Gratitude: Kathleen”

Letter Of Gratitude: C (revised)

Dear C, I know that I have already written a letter of gratitude to you. Now that I’m [mostly] out of my abusive fog, I have been able to crack my rose-colored lens. I would like to share an updated letter. This time to heal. We have a colorful history. I didn’t realise the lessonContinue reading “Letter Of Gratitude: C (revised)”

Letter of Gratitude: Love Bugs

Dear Love Bugs, I know you are out there and I know that you have been trying your best to bite me. I know that you think that I’m a Debbie Downer and I appreciate your presence. Your presence is noticed (I notice everything). Sincerely. At this stage in my journey, it’s important that youContinue reading “Letter of Gratitude: Love Bugs”

Letter of Gratitude: Bonnie​

Dear Bonnie, We have never met in person but our souls crossed paths on Facebook. You commented on a post that encouraged people to embrace ALL emotions, not just the pleasant ones. Of all the comments, yours resonated with me for a number of reasons that I did not know at the time… Your intentionContinue reading “Letter of Gratitude: Bonnie​”

Letter of Gratitude: My readers

Dear Readers, Thank you. Thank you for passively (or actively) following my journey. I’m over the moon with love and humbled at the same time. (37 countries!!!) I’m not certain that I’m deserving of your time but I appreciate you joining my journey. I am in the process of purging a LOT of hurt. MyContinue reading “Letter of Gratitude: My readers”

Letter of Gratitude: Mommabear

Hey Mommabear, Generally, I send out letters of gratitude but I’m testing out a new format and outlining the things I appreciate about you. You have been a superstar example of how to process emotions and embrace quirks. Below is a snapshot of things I appreciate about you! Thanks for being such an important roleContinue reading “Letter of Gratitude: Mommabear”

Letter of Gratitude: Elaine

Dear Elaine (@twisted.word.tango), Generally speaking, I’m the person people go to for the silver lining. I’m the one that makes the sun come out and teaches others how to use bricks to build a ridiculous fortress of AMAZING. This last year, I needed that person. I spent a bit of time reaching out to othersContinue reading “Letter of Gratitude: Elaine”

Letter of Gratitude: NVW Coach

Dear Coach, It was about a year ago that I was introduced to the New Ventures West coaching programme. I was actively building my network and had reached out to a college alumn for advice. Based on our conversation, she recommended that I check the New Ventures West. Integral coaching was new, and I appreciatedContinue reading “Letter of Gratitude: NVW Coach”

Letter of Gratitude: Jess

Dear Jess, During a year of absolute chaos, when you felt completely broken and unlovable, you remembered to breathe. When your abusers conspired to break you, you remembered they are human. When you decided to upgrade your annoyingly-optimistic-everything-is-PHENOMENAL Jess to an authentic imperfectly messy-emotional-yet-RESILIENT Jess, you remembered to be brave. When you made questionable lifeContinue reading “Letter of Gratitude: Jess”

Letter of Gratitude: Bob

Dear Bob, It’s been an absolute honour to know you this last year. I feel blessed to turn a neighbor into a friend… and extended family. I’ve shared tidbits about my journey. You’ve seen me galavanting without a care or responsibility. You’ve seen me with the weight of the world on my shoulders. You’ve alsoContinue reading “Letter of Gratitude: Bob”