Letter of Gratitude: C

Dear C,

You were my high school sweetheart. You were my first real love…perhaps puppy love, but still worth writing an unpublished letter or note of gratitude.

I sincerely hope that we always remain friends. Despite your constant need to be a pervert, I admire your ability of never taking life so seriously. I remember laughing so hard with you. I appreciate the countless strawberry milkshakes (with an extra chocolate cookie) and you always singing to me. I am still a fan of Jack Johnson because of you.

I remember being so upset with you when you told me I couldn’t attend your wedding. I was thinking, ‘why on Earth is this boy marrying a girl who clearly doesn’t trust him? How am I a threat and why can’t I attend the wedding?!’ I remember laughing so hard when you tried to explain that she never thought she could fill my shoes because apparently your family still kept a picture of us from senior prom on your mantle. I miss your family and hope to always keep them in my life, whether or not you and I are on speaking terms. Gosh, you like to push my buttons…

I appreciate your friendship over the years. Sometimes it takes a former lover to understand the words that you cannot say. Just knowing that you are there gives me great comfort. Thanks for being a friend.


Pretty Lady


Author’s Note

Well Wishers

A collection of moments of gratitude to some of my favorite people around the world.

By Jessica M Corvo

Author’s Note

I appreciate when people suggest books to me. I view it as an insight into how they see me/support my interest in personal development. That said, I was gifted the book Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff when I was 15 years old and again at 22. There is a chapter in the book that challenges you to send a heartfelt thank you letter to a different person once a week. When I’m going through a difficult time, I write letters daily.

Sometimes letter recipients question my intentions or criticize my “annoying” optimism whilst others thank me for brightening their day or simply send back some positive vibes. Over the years, I have cultivated a talent to find the positive in most situations. The truth is, sometimes my letters are sent to friends and other times, they are sent to foes. There is always a lesson to be learned and gratitude to be shared. An incorrigibly difficult person might test my patience, teach me a new boundary or challenge my loyalty to my dreams – all these things ultimately strengthen me in some way! Isn’t that a reason to be grateful?

In 2014, I received an increased amount of negative backlash, this saddened me but also proved just how important it is to send these heartfelt letters. The hardest thing for most people to say is still “I LOVE YOU”, “I AM SORRY” or “HELP ME.” I’m far from perfect but I have been able to strengthen relationships through my writing. The sincerity is always there but I’m mastering the ability to articulate my feelings.

I guess my goal of sharing my writing is to inspire others to fall in love. I fall in love every single day. I get inspired by the simple things. I enjoy watching people do things they love. I thrive on the authentic. The unapologetic. The people who make this world so much more interesting. The Lovers. The Movers. The Shakers. Who knows, maybe one of my acts of gratitude will inspire others to continue this ripple of goodness.

Practicing gratitude is an important part of my week. I feel it’s important to thank people, whether they are a season, a reason or a lifetime. Gratitude has definitely changed my outlook on life.

Here is a collection of my letters over the years… I had a blast consolidating them. I hope you take joy reading my rambles.

With love,