Letter of Gratitude: Women For Tri

Dear Ladies!

A few [tragic] events have happened in the last 24 hours causing me to reach out and give thanks. I’m grateful to be a part of a supportive training group. I’m grateful for all the training tips. I’m grateful for the positive race recaps. I’m grateful for all the lessons learned (DNS or DNF stories). I’m grateful for the smiles. I’m grateful for being held accountable. I’m grateful to feel ‘normal’ (whatever normal is! hahaha)!

In a world where people prefer to divide and point fingers, I’d just like to say THANK YOU to this group for bonding over triathlon! Athletes are a different breed; triathletes hold a special place in my heart. Perhaps it’s the subtle self-confidence OR simply the lack of energy to argue (we are all too tired from training)… either way, Thank you for being amazing! Thank you for coming from a place of love and compassion. Thank you for helping me be my best version! Thank you for being living proof that I can have faith in humanity.

Thank you for being role models to your family, friends and complete strangers (on and off the training circuit). I LOVE you all! Keep up the good work!

Light, love and positive vibes to all,


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Letter of Gratitude: Dad

Dear Dad,

I’m not sure how we got here but I want you to know that you are loved. I wouldn’t change anything from the first 20 years. You were supportive, present, encouraging, protective and my favorite teacher. You were my hero.

I admire the unwavering support that you showed towards me and our family growing up. You taught me that if something was going to carry the Corvo name, it needed to be done with the utmost integrity – anything worth doing is worth doing right. Thank you for being supportive.

I admire you being present. Our family was super busy but we always made it work. Being involved with sports, music and cultural things, it was a blessing that you would be present for the milestones. Thank for you being present AND active (Thank you for being the resident photographer at sporting events).

I admire your encouragement. Life is filled with curveballs. My biggest challenge has always been to convert my energy into something constructive. You constantly pushed me to find the lesson and move on (an idle mind is the devil’s playground). The only failure is giving up. Thank you for pushing me to convert my weaknesses into strengths.

I admire you being protective. Benefits of growing up with an overprotective father is that boys were typically well behaved (and respectful). A few troublemakers slipped through the cracks here and there but I hope you know that I’m well known for my impossible expectations of the male species. Thank you for teaching me my value-added and to never settle for anything less than pure magic.

I admire you teaching me how to be completely independent. Thank you for celebrating my mind rather than to just get through life with a pretty smile. I have confidence that anyone I allow into my life is because I enjoy them, not because I need them.

It hurts that I don’t know how to fix things. It hurts that I’ve resorted to an open letter to social media to share my thoughts. Perhaps I feel this is a safer space…

Anyways, I love you, dad. I hope to soon greet the supportive, present, encouraging and protective father I once knew.

Always remember the way you treat your wife sets the standard to what your daughter expects from a man AND the way you speak to your daughter sets the standard to how she views herself. Happy Father’s Day!


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Acknowledging the Dysfunction I allowed in romantic spaces

When I date someone, I start a shoebox for relationship keepsakes. When the relationship ends, the box turns into a bag. The bag gets chucked into my closet. I shared this quirk with some friends and they wanted to open the bags… They thought it was clever and sentimental but odd.

Looking back, I’ve dated some pretty amazing guys and I’ve also dated some… troublemakers. 🙂 I take full responsibility for ignoring my gut and being completely reckless with my heart. Either way, I have zero regrets because each guy was exactly what I needed at the time.

The below letter was sent to me by a guy I was dating during a transition. My transition was leaving the corporate world in Asia to support my mommabear through her divorce in the USA. A season of BIG changes. After a while, things went lopsided and this was his letter post break-up. I am sharing for two reasons, 1) Clients ask me about Love Bombing – I want to increase awareness that elaborate apologies are a form of Love Bombing, especially when they are well articulated, masterfully constructed, and 100% bullshit; and 2) His gift to me was teaching me how deeply I am capable of loving. It’s OK to love deeply, just make sure I love myself fully first, then others. <3


Dear Jess,

Let me begin by telling you that I do I love you, but I am beginning to understand just how hard that must be to believe. I feel like an asshole. I wish I could go back in time to early November 2013, the weekend you were leaving when we got into a big argument and you were at my apartment gathering a few final items before leaving me for good. I wish I had the integrity, to be honest with myself in that moment and know that I wasn’t mature enough for a real relationship. Instead, I told you what you needed to hear in order to stick with me, despite your better judgment. I manipulated you then and I would toy with you again and again over the next 14 months. I’ll apologize throughout this letter, but I just want to you let you know now that I am deeply sorry for manipulating you all this time. I’m disgusted with myself for only coming to terms with it now, over 400 days since I first starting playing this game with you. It’s not pleasant for me to think about it that way, but I must in order to realize just how awful I’ve treated you.

I’m sorry that I strung you along with these lies for so long. I am weak and was not willing to own up to the fact that I wasn’t ready to be the man you needed me to be. I am who you said I was from the start – a guy for the moment, with no ambitions or goals, with no real idea of where he was heading. I refused to believe this. I told myself I wasn’t this guy, and I lied to myself thinking I could become the man you deserved. I refused to recognize my limitations as a person. I don’t regret my desire to be with you, but I do regret the way I deceived you in order to try and keep you for myself. I took advantage of your heart, your huge, wonderful heart. I am so sorry for treating this way, for lying to you.

I was a terrible excuse for a boyfriend. You must have felt ashamed to refer to me by that moniker, knowing full well that I didn’t treat you like a partner, a lover, a girlfriend. I realize that I didn’t hold up my end of the pact which any normal person agrees to when entering a relationship. A partner wouldn’t use your insecurities against you, wouldn’t throw your other male relationships in your face, wouldn’t make you feel anything less than a priority. I’m sorry for not being every bit as wonderful to you as you were to me. You were always good to me and were always eager to make me feel happy and comfortable regardless the setting or circumstance. The few times I did tell you what bothered or worried me, you made sure it wouldn’t be an issue and did everything you could to make me feel at ease. I appreciate that, but I’m very sorry that I couldn’t do the same for you when you came to me for help. Instead, I greeted you with aggression more often than not. There’s no excuse for that. I am sorry.

An important part of any relationship is feeling comfortable and safe with the person or people you’re with (be it family, friend, significant other, team, community, etc). I am very sorry for putting you in such a terrible situation so frequently where you didn’t feel safe, you didn’t feel like I had your back. I kicked you out multiple times of a place I asked you to call home. I let Scott and Jackie cross your boundaries and attack you. I defended my friends over you. I talked shit about you behind your back. I’m sorry for allowing these acts to happen for so long. There is no excuse for it, regardless of the situation or the circumstance in which things were said or actions took place. I realize my behavior was completely inappropriate. It is not only inappropriate for a boyfriend to treat his girlfriend this way but even worse it’s not appropriate to treat any human being this way. Regardless of my relationship with you, I didn’t even give you the level of respect any person should receive and that is terrible. I can only begin to imagine how hard it must be for you to feel comfortable with me in my apartment or on a trip or in any situation and not knowing if I actually have your back or if I would defend you. And even if you do feel I could defend you, what comfort can you take in the words I say, the promises I make? I lied to you and broke so many promises that the number if we kept count would be repulsive. I feel very small admitting this. I feel like a coward for treating you like this. I am so sorry for making you feel so alone and unsafe.

I’ve learned a lot from you Jess and I know I have so much more to learn. I’ve learned that talking to people isn’t a bad thing. Letting people into my world is required for growth. The growth of my own well being but also growth in relationships. I can never grow if I don’t grow with others around me. Having a degree in economics and knowing fully the benefits of free trade vs isolated economies, you’d think that I would fully understand where you are coming from with your suggestions to open up to others for help (had this epiphany while writing this email – I have you to thank for this epiphany, so thank you). This really bums me out that I just made this comparison. I’m sorry. I should have figured this out long ago. I’m not adding any value to your life.

I’m sorry I was so stuck on recapturing the moments of October 2013. I always looked back at that time as the way things should be, but refused to work towards the future and proactively create new experiences.

Jess, you did nothing to deserve what I have done to you these past 14 months. Literally not a thing. I repaid your love, kindness, and wisdom with anger, deceit, and manipulation. I wish you nothing but the best – and I know you’ll get it because you don’t settle for anything less. I am very sorry for the way I’ve handled things. I am sorry for not understanding or even trying to understand your perspective. I’m sorry for realizing how much I was hurting you and how I was toying with you. I’m sorry for not giving you what you deserved. You deserved respect, honesty, appreciation, and love. You are an amazing woman. Extremely smart, quick and gifted. Your intuition is redonkulous. I don’t know how I will ever forgive myself but I am working on it. I don’t expect you to forgive me though I feel that you do which goes to show how big of a heart and an amazing of a person that you really are. I have taken you for granted for too long. You don’t deserve to be treated the way I’ve treated you. I am so sorry for being so cruel. I’m sorry for my sharp tongue. I’m sorry for not seeking out help sooner. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get to this point. I’m sorry every “ah-ha” moment took months to get. I’m sorry my growth to become a better human being has been so achingly slow. I can’t get you back the hours of lost sleep, all the tears shed, all the missed meals, all the emotional hurt that you’ve felt.


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Focusing on the Good does not mean Forgetting the Bad.

“You wouldn’t know how we feel. You come from White Privilege.”

“Your life is just so perfect. You’ve never had to deal with hardship.”

“Everything is just so easy for you. Pretty girl privilege.”

Last week, these were statements made to me when I tried to discuss ways to move forward (solutions). My opinion, these are words of abused people. It seems that people want to talk about racism but (to me) the real issue is moving forward from abuse.

Physical abuse – keeping people in chains – physical or emotional.

Verbal abuse – telling people they are not worthy of something.

Mental abuse – distorting reality and what someone thinks is acceptable.

Emotional abuse – isolating people from their support network and destroying anything that might bring comfort.

To a stranger, it might seem that I have a ‘perfect life’ but that’s only because I have thrived despite my abuse, I’m not a victim because of it.

From a racism perspective

I am second generation American. My grandparents migrated to the USA. My father’s side of the family is Italian. My mother’s side of the family is Chinese. I grew up in the USA thinking that Italians were absolutely lawless, consequences for unsavory behavior didn’t exist, the get-out-of-jail-free words were, “I have Italian blood.” I grew up hearing ‘friends’ sing, “Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees, look at these” or “You are Chinese? but you are not very obedient?” I learned to be quiet about my heritage because I wasn’t the smartest kid (Chinese were held to higher academic standards) and being Italian obviously meant I had family that worked for, you know, THE FAMILY.

My upbringing was amazing but it was also filled with contradictions and double standards. I’m the eldest but I’m also a girl. I’m supposed to be seen, not heard whilst also understanding ‘silence is acceptance.’ When I wanted something, I had to write a 2-page essay on the difference between WANT vs NEED whereas others were protected with “Am I wearing stripes? I am NOT the referee” and never held accountable. “Do as I say, not as I do” was my favorite one-liner but then again integrity is everything right? “Obey your elders” but always think for yourself and question authority. One could oversimplify by saying I was brought up Chinese and my brother was brought up Italian.

Living in Asia for over a decade had some quirks as well. If you have a pretty smile, are a little bit friendly and admit to being American, the biggest question asked is either about (your assumed) sorority life, “Is it true that you all sit in sexy pj’s and have pillow fights?” or my favourite, “What are you willing to do to get this job?” Maybe the latter is more because I’m a pretty girl than because I’m American. When I tell fellow Asians that I’m Chinese, I am generally greeted with, “Really? Are you sure? You are not like us” or the echoes from my childhood, “Really? But you are NOT obedient.”

So many labels, one cannot possibly keep up with the (in)sanity. I have enough examples that could fill a book, but I think you get the point, I know something about racism but it means absolutely nothing. We are ALL HUMAN. I am considered the token Asian in the USA and the sleazy American in Asia. Labels make me laugh every.single.time.

From an abuse perspective

This has been a taboo topic to discuss. Only recently, have I found the strength (or perhaps indifference to consequences from my abusers) to talk about my experiences. I’m not a victim and will never claim such. The abuse was not my fault nor did I do anything to deserve it. I have gone to great lengths to protect my spirit and maintain a strong sense of self. I could very easily retaliate but that’s just a misuse of time, my choice is growth, forgiveness, and Love. I chose Love every.single.time. I’ve been hit in the middle of the night and left with bruises up and down my legs. I’ve been pushed from a bed into a window sill. I’ve been held up against a wall, with my feet dangling. I’ve even had a loaded gun put in my face and then after a few minutes of terror, the abuser wrapped his lips around the barrel asking if I wanted him to pull the trigger. I’ve had an apology letter admitting to 14 months of malicious playing with my heart (thank you for validating I’m not crazy). I’ve had 12-step type acknowledgments asking for my forgiveness for wrongs that I couldn’t even remember were done to me. I’ve been told that the world would be better off without me. I’ve been credited for being the catalyst for drama (abusers hate being held accountable). I’ve been asked who I slept with each time that I earned a promotion. Heck, most times when I open up about abuse, ‘friends’ either jump on because I’ve been preconditioned to accept terrible behavior or I’m told that I deserved it because of my unwillingness to keep my mouth shut, “why can’t you just accept people?” I’ve been asked if I taste as sweet as I sound (in the workplace). I’ve been asked to lay on my back because I accepted a dinner invitation. I have traveled around the world where some guys think travel buddy = sex toy. I get asked to send nudes. People send me dick pics. (Boys, if you MUST send, at least hit the gym first). I’ve also been told to kill myself.

I’m far from perfect. I have my share of bad habits. I have a wicked temper when provoked. I lied about a pregnancy to hurt someone. I had an abortion to free myself from another. I threatened to burn down a restaurant if a narcissist and his flying monkeys didn’t leave me alone. I lost track of the number of people I’ve verbally assaulted. I slept with a guy and later found out he was married. I believed the lie. I get sidetracked by grand gestures. I allowed the wrong people into my life. I still struggle to set boundaries with people I love. I believe angry people just need love. I realized trends in my poor decision-making and have seen 3 professional therapists within a decade. I have also dedicated my life to maintain my awareness and break every single toxic cycle.

image-2Of all the abuse, caused or otherwise, there was only ONE time that my spirit was broken. December 2014, my body was in full on shutdown mode. I exceeded my limit of abusers in my life. That was my bottom. I couldn’t keep food down for 13 days. I had a 6-inch thigh gap and my body weight was a life-threatening 97 pounds. I had sores on my tongue and my hair was falling out. I blamed no one but myself. I worked through my hurt, anger, and dysfunction.

I have gratitude in my heart for the lessons the abusers taught me. Experiencing abuse from various perspectives has opened my eyes and made me an extremely compassionate, empathetic, and resilient person.

image-1I CHOSE to keep a soft heart in a cruel world.

I CHOSE to not allow abuse to define me.

I CHOSE to pick myself up.

I CHOSE to survive.

Abuse is only a small part of what has made me who I am today. No one is immune to abuse. If you have been on the receiving end, isn’t that more of a reason to be kind to others? Be that person you needed when you were at your lowest.

The point of this ramble

Aside from feeling really freaking good to get this off my chest, is to hopefully redirect the conversation. We shouldn’t be talking about racism, sexism, elitism, or whatever ism people want to blame. This isn’t a problem because of the government nor is it their responsibility to fix it. We need to take ownership of our own HEALING. Acknowledge your part in the abuse and begin your healing journey. Maybe if more people reframe the conversation to be about abuse or better yet, MENTAL WELLNESS, then people will understand what steps are necessary for healing.

Everyone is different but my healing journey has included countless personal development books, brutal honesty (and acceptance) of my quirks, joining addiction support groups (learn about trauma bonding), seeking 1-on-1 professional advice, journaling (this one is HUGE help to navigate the overwhelming amount of emotions), hanging out in nature, doing sports (athletes always have solution based, goal orientated and positive mindsets), eating healthy (food is fuel) or reach out to suicide hotlines when sometimes, all you need is a complete stranger to validate your feelings and say we are in this together.

I am healing. I have rough edges. I have a fierce love. I use my voice. I am a daughter, friend, Ironman, small business owner, world traveler, lover and fighter. I am perfect.

Even if this only inspires ONE person to shift from victim to survivor, then sharing my story was well worth it. You are brave! You can do this! We are in this together! Love and positive vibes on your healing journey. <3

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Poem: Do you know how it feels

Do you know how it feels when every part of your being says NO but your heart says JUST ONE MORE CHANCE

Do you know how it feels when you use language like “You need help” or “You are embarrassing yourself”

Do you know how it feels not being able to SLEEP because your mind is going over every single detail trying to figure out what you did wrong or what you DID TO DESERVE THIS.

Do you know how it feels to voice you are WORTHY OF LOVE but not actually believing it.

Do you know how it feels to hold back TEARS when your soul is shouting HELP ME.

Do you know how it feels when someone comes up to you and says “You have the heart of a Saint. I dunno how you do it, I would have walked away a long time ago!” and yet you still feel like a complete failure.

Do you know how it feels knowing your Guardian Angels are watching you and saying “THIS TOO SHALL PASS, WE ARE HERE WITH YOU. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.”

Do you know how it feels to have the POWER to light up a room or make it the coldest place in the World and RESENTING THE POWER because sometimes you just want to be INVISIBLE.

Do you know how it feels to SHUT OUT the people you are closest to because you are failing at ARTICULATING your EMOTIONS.

Do you know how it feels to give yourself a pep talk EVERY SINGLE MORNING because the Universe doesn’t care about your feelings and shit still needs to get done.

Do you know how it feels to be outside every single comfort and still achieve GREATNESS.

Do you know how it feels to MISS important MILESTONES of friends and family but remind yourself of your PERSONAL MISSION.

Do you know how it feels to make someone a PRIORITY but you are constantly an OPTION to them.

Do you know how it feels to hear the words ‘YOU INSPIRE ME’ from hundreds of people but not from the ONE person you are actually trying to inspire.

Do you know how it feels when people call you crazy because you WEAR YOUR HEART ON YOUR SLEEVE.

Do you know how it feels to be DISMISSED on every level.

Do you know how it feels knowing you have to KEEP YOUR SHIT TOGETHER when all you want to do is COMPLETELY FALL APART.

Do you know how it feels.


Letter of Gratitude: 2016

Dear 2016,

Thank you for providing a year of love, lessons, and opportunities to thrive! During the year I accomplished a fair bit…

I learned how to swim. I completed my first triathlon. I received my first cheque for MY company. I completed my first #ironman . I completed my first #Ragnar . I wrote 87 letters of #gratitude . I launched 2 websites. I made 38 business pitches (solutions to end poverty). I lost count of the connections I facilitated. I watched at least one sunrise/sunset per week. I learned #TRE (trauma release exercise). I gave my first #publicspeaking speech. I won an award at #Toastmasters (table talk). I was a #guestspeaker at a high school. I strengthened my #ladyboss network. I learned how to do a flip turn in the water. I was promoted to lane 2 in #swimsquad . I overcame my water #anxiety . I visited 5 countries. I spent 24hrs in #Taiwan to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I went to #hongkong to support a friend leaving Asia. First time in 10 years, I celebrated my birthday with my parents ON my birthday. I fell in love. I had my heart broken (a few times). I #cycled over 50,000 km. I was bitten by a jellyfish. I was the #bestbaker or the ‘brownie girl’ in my newbie #triathlon group. I was a race sharpa for 3 friends. I was asked to advise for 2 start-ups. I was offered a castle outside London. I was asked to provide children to 2 different men #goodgenes (I should really put these stories in a book hahaha). I had a fashion show at 507 and STILL FIT into my high-school clothes!!! #goodjeans . I had at least a letter a week from someone saying that I inspired them in some way. I learned how to develop an app. I took a #Roadtrip in the USA with my Mommabear. I taught Jax how to chase squirrels. I was adopted by an Indian couple in Texas. #GuardianAngels

I invested my time to coach others (mostly ‘anything-is-possible’ mindset). I threw myself into service. I forgave (fully) those who hurt me. I sought forgiveness from those I hurt. I tried to understand the thinkers (I love the dreamers but my tribe is definitely the doers). I started writing a book. I stopped thinking I was broken #biggestaccomplishment . I stopped allowing toxic people in my (head) space. I learned to say ‘no’ without explaining why. I put myself first. I perfected my spinach lasagna, roasted pumpkin, AND guacamole. I accepted that I’m extremely structured #planningiskey . I stopped apologizing for being amazing. I’ve embraced that my superpower is my heart. I still struggle to set boundaries and try not take things personally.

I NEVER gave up! #resilience

I realized the sweetest words anyone can say ‘I believe in you’ ‘you have a beautiful soul’ ‘because of you, I accomplished this’. I tried my hardest to use one of these phrases weekly. #live #laugh #love #phenomenalyear #crushinggoals #beamazing #tooblessedtobestressed #happynewyear #2017 #hitmewithyourbestshot #corvostyle

I’m excited for 2017!

With love and positive vibes,


#LetterOfGratitude #2016 #Recap #Accomplishments

Letter Of Gratitude: Grandpa

Dear Grandpa,

I miss you. I miss you every day. I miss being able to call you [in tears] and not have to explain anything. I miss how you were able to force everyone to behave themselves. I miss the lens in which you viewed life. I miss feeling that everything was going to be OK because I knew you were always in my corner, without question. I miss that you were always there to answer my calls. I miss you making time for me each time I came home to visit. I miss telling you when someone upset me and your first reaction was either “naw, it’s not worth it” or “do you want me to give them a knuckle sandwich?!”

I miss hanging out at 1007. I miss having someone that believes wholeheartedly in my ability to get something done. I miss your soft approach to life and ability to make everyone laugh. I miss the afternoons that we could talk about anything from living overseas to just enjoying quiet time in one another’s presence. I miss your hugs. I miss your laugh.

I miss the Doc, Bob or one of the neighbors coming by and commenting how they already knew about the wonderful things I was doing overseas. I miss hiding cookies from Mark. I miss making the salad whilst you taught me how to make Italian chop suey. (your food was always on the salty side).

I miss having someone that understands it’s OK to use the same glass for an entire day because sometimes you NEED that taste of old coffee in the same mug.

I miss arguing about that $20 ‘gas money’ that you always insisted I accept from you.

I miss the jokes you would crack when people were locking horns.

I miss you. I miss you every day. I miss you even more during the holidays…

(Thank you for being such an amazing man. Thank you for being someone worthy of missing. Thank you for continuing to look after me and the rest of the family from upstairs).

I love you.

#Letterofgratitude #Family #Love

Letter of Gratitude: George

Georgie Porgie
Pudding and pie
I’m thrilled to be re-connected
And that’s no lie

Life is not colorful
When friends are a bore
That’s why I appreciate you
Even though you snore

It will be bittersweet
To meet the amazing Zoe
I’ll do my best so
She doesn’t say “no”

I need to somehow
Keep you in my life
I completely respect that
You will soon have a wife

But honestly Georgie Porgie
Thank you for being real
In case you didn’t know
You are kind of a big deal

You are very sweet
And I hope in 2015
We will once again
Have a chance to meet

***my poetry writing is a bit rusty but you get the idea… Hope it made you smile and brighten up your week. Thank you for coming back into my life. I’m grateful to have you as a friend!

Lots of love, always


Author’s Note

Well Wishers

A collection of moments of gratitude to some of my favorite people around the world.

By Jessica M Corvo

Author’s Note

I appreciate when people suggest books to me. I view it as an insight into how they see me/support my interest in personal development. That said, I was gifted the book Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff when I was 15 years old and again at 22. There is a chapter in the book challenging you to send a heartfelt thank you letter to a different person once a week. When I’m going through a difficult time, I write letters daily.

Sometimes letter recipients question my intentions or criticize my “annoying” optimism whilst others thank me for brightening their day or simply send back some positive vibes. Over the years, I have cultivated a talent to find the positive in most situations. The truth is, sometimes my letters are sent to friends and other times, they are sent to foes. There is always a lesson to be learned and gratitude to be shared. An incorrigibly difficult person might test my patience, teach me a new boundary or challenge my loyalty to my dreams – all these things ultimately strengthen me in some way! Isn’t that a reason to be grateful?

In 2014, I received an increased amount of negative backlash. This saddened me but also proved just how important it is to send these heartfelt letters. The hardest thing for most people to say is still “I LOVE YOU”, “I AM SORRY” or “HELP ME.” I’m far from perfect but I have been able to strengthen relationships through my writing. The sincerity is always there but I’m mastering the ability to articulate my feelings.

I guess my goal in sharing my writing is to inspire others to fall in love. I fall in love every single day. I get inspired by the simple things. I enjoy watching people do things they love. I thrive on the authentic. The unapologetic. The people who make this world so much more interesting. The Lovers. The Movers. The Shakers. Who knows, maybe one of my letters will inspire others to continue this ripple of goodness.

Practicing gratitude is an important part of my week. I feel it’s important to thank people, whether they are a season, a reason or a lifetime. Gratitude has definitely changed my outlook on life.

I hope you take joy in reading my rambles.

With love,