About Me

With a heart full of love and a mind full of words, I haven’t decided which labels to share… I guess I’ll just tell you about my retirement goal and invite you to jump around my website. My two favourite hobbies are to create magic and crush goals.

Fast forward 10 9 years, I’ll be living in Italy. I’ll be the proud owner and manager of a bed&breakfast called My Sacred Space. It’s an old stone house converted into an 8-room bed & breakfast. A sacred space for people to disconnect from society and reconnect with self.

WHY? In 2014, my family fell apart. I tried to turn into my pain. I leaned on friends only to realise my friendships were surface level and primarily based on men wanting more than friendship. Under normal circumstances, I would have dismissed their behaviour. In the context of needing a friend, my already fragile heart shattered. Considering the original pain stemmed from my family, I was unable to turn to family. Realising I was unable to turn to friends was tough. I was lost. Alone. Heartbroken. Have you ever been in this situation? A time in your life where you felt the walls crashing in and didn’t know where to turn. Accepting your vulnerability made you a prime target for predators? Well, look no further. My Sacred Space is your new best friend. Space for you to safely fall apart. Do whatever you need to do to get well. Get yourself back in the saddle and crush your personal goals.

Since 2019, every single aspect of my life has been dedicated to bringing me closer to accomplish my retirement goal. I’m living my best life and doing my best to add love to each path I cross. I invest my time as a resilience coach, Chicago based dog walker, and Corporate Health & Wellness Consultant (mainly focused on movement).

Health is wealth.

It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m glad you stopped by!

With tremendous love and a dash of magic,